Service the MyPaper distributor way

Most people won’t think of a paper distributor as an interesting or a rewarding job. It is probably mundane, boring and has the problem of needing to stand for too long hours while the pay is lousy. However, service level begins right at the bottom, and this MyPaper distributor is actually one of the most important people in the entire company because she’s the one in contact with the readers.

Admit it. Most people will not accept such a job. There are no real benefits to having such a job. Most of the time such jobs are filled by grumpy old aunties who just want to earn some extra pocket money to buy something for themselves. Such aunties won’t be presenting an excellent service.

It is to my surprise that the lady, I won’t call her an auntie because she isn’t a grumpy old aunty, was quite polite and pleasant. Although I did not take the newspaper from her, I can hear her saying thank you when someone collects the papers. How many of us will do that? It is this little thank you that will probably make the person break into a little smile, which will brighten his day in the morning.

Now, how many of us will tell her thank you too? In terms of benefit, the readers benefit more since we get to absorb a plethora of information at zero cost. What we should say when we collect MyPaper from her is to reply, “No, thank YOU”. And give a little smile.

So what do you say? A smile actually goes a long way. Why not smile at someone you have always walked past today? Maybe the security guard who is bored sitting at the desk, or the girl at the Cheer’s stall? Smile and let us make everyone happy.

2 thoughts on “Service the MyPaper distributor way

  1. I like this post. Such people make my days, and I make the days for some people. And if its an acquaintance, it just brings us closer together more & more 🙂

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