Doing CIP and CCA with a purpose

Why did you join your CCA for? Why did you spend time clocking CIP hours? For the uninitiated, CCA stands for Core Curricular Activity, and CIP stands for Community Involvement Program. CCAs are supposed to allow students to learn new skills and interests that are not confined to studying in the classroom. CCAs include musical groups, uniform groups and interest clubs like IT Club. CIP, on the other hand, is designed to encourage students to contribute more to society. Students accumulate CIP hours through events like collection of recycling materials from HDB blocks, going to old folks home to perform, as well as giving home tuition to poor students.

The main point of CIP and CCA is that points will be awarded for them, and such accumulation of points will in the end be graded and can be used as bonus points for entry admission to further studies. Being a point system based thing, one may wonder if students are doing them for the sake of points, or for the sake of healthy interest and a willingness to contribute to society? Naturally, students will complete the minimum hours needed for CIP, as well as put in the minimum effort needed in CCAs, and get maximum benefits. Such a system may well be making students a little “point-minded”, or overly zealous in point accumulation rather than personal development.

Let me ask you a question, why did you join your CCA for? Is it for passion for the subject matter or to challenge yourself for improvement? If then, you should continue to work hard in your CCA. If you joined for an easy time or low commitment or just solely for the CCA points, without them you would never have joined in the first place, then I guess you might as well not have a CCA.

This is especially so when you reach university level, where CCA is not compulsory and CCA points are used for priority in halls rather than for anything else. As a result, you find that CCA participation is very much lesser in universities than in secondary school or junior college.

I for one, do not have a CCA in university. I found them to be a little waste of time in my opinion because I do not have the interest in any of the CCAs. I found myself wanting to do other things other than CCA, and I used the spare time to do my own project, NextTutor. Through the project, I learnt a good many things, like a new computer language -PHP, as well as other skills in attracting more visitors blablabla. To me, I learn more from this than from any other CCA.

However, I guess the is no chance that the point system be withdrawn because once it is withdrawn, people stop going for CCAs, and many people will lose the motivation to join something, of which some of them may develop a healthy interest in. Though school forced CCA requires a point system, it is the self who is enriched. Thus it is us that should choose our path wisely.

12 thoughts on “Doing CIP and CCA with a purpose

  1. never a time in the local education system, has cca never been used to gauge an aspect (leadership?) or determine (get into desired hall or sch?). hence some engage in it passionately, while some would exploit it fervently.
    if you have something else worthy of your time and effort, all the better! just lay back and scoff at this point system that’s slowly losing its initiative… 🙂

  2. CCAs in university also start very late… not attractive to me at all… 😀 but I’m just lazy and slack lah, so different.

  3. Sometimes leadership in CCAs arn’t very impressive. I feel that it is better to become a team player than a leader, because when you start working, you are not going to be a leader, but a fellow colleague. We can always show our leadership as we progress.

    Anyway university time is for you to do things you love, without the problem of CCA point system, and it reflects the truer sense of interest (if we ignore the points for hall thing).

  4. CCAs are used by schools to win medals in the various competition. Lots of students spent many more hours than studies just to win in example SYF or inter school sports.

    For the weaker ones not able to represent the schools, they are usually left alone to practice on their own.

  5. CCAs are not used by schools to win medals. The medals are things that come along with the introduction of CCA. Schools just happen to focus a lot on these award winning CCAs.

    I do get what you mean in general. However, I would have to say, whether spending more hours than studies to win is justifiable is something to be answered by the student.

    I took part in SYF with my CCA and although I spent much time working on the SYF, it was something that made me happy and build on my character, even when I do not win.

    I think its outrageous to neglect the weaker ones in this aspect. Everyone’s a team and should not be neglected. Furthermore, a CCA’s primary objective is to instill interest isn’t it?

  6. They are given more attention due to the kiasu ness of the principals and teachers. On paper during the planning stage, its supposedly “interest first”. Lol. Anyway systems get abused and this is an example.

  7. so much discussion here, hehe. imho, sports/outdoor related CCAs are about the most enriching and take you the furthest away from those notes and books. Musical groups ain’t too bad either…

    all said, it is really up to the individual to seek the most benefits out of these activities, be it for himself/herself, school and even society.

  8. lol..

    i agree…niwae i feel that for the best maximization of learning, we should try diff kinds of groups. I tried 1 uniformed group + 1 musical groups and I must say I enjoyed my

    ultimately what we learn is for ourselves, so do something we enjoy!

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