27 Dresses – A great relaxing movie

27 Dresses

I went to watch 27 Dresses yesterday, and I must say that I have enjoyed it very much. Romance isn’t a genre of movies that I will watch frequently, but this one is a romantic comedy, and I do watch comedies to have my fair share of laughs.

27 Dresses, for the uninitiated, is about this lady who has been a bridesmaid for 27 times, putting in effort for every friend’s wedding but not getting any love in return. She has a crush on her boss George, and the problem arises when her sister returns home and meets George at a company party (Jane, the eternal bridesmaid invited her own sis there and created the problem). Soon, her sister and George decided to get married and Jane is left feeling upset. However, Kevin (played by James Marsden, also starred in Enchanted), a newspaper writer she meets starts pestering her. Eventually Kevin did something that made Jane super upset, and things cool off for a moment.

Spoilers ahead:
Well, no prizes for guessing, but in the end when everything got sorted out (the wedding between the sister and George blew off because Jane showed George her sister’s lies), she discovered the guy she actually fell in love with isn’t George, but Kevin. And no prizes for guessing again, she got married with Kevin in the end.

Cliche? I guess so. The story’s ending could be guessed right at the start of the movie, but its refreshing actors and actresses, coupled by a good laugh every few minutes, really made my day. If you have money to spare, why not catch 27 dresses? Some links are given below for your perusal:

Some Links:
Official Website: http://www.27dressesthemovie.com/
IMDB: Internet Movie Database
Apple Trailers

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