Ah-Long movie gets 1 Star out of 5

The Straits Times Life! Section rated Ah Long Pte Ltd a 1 star movie out of a possible 5. This is the first time I have ever seen a movie get such a rating. Even a so-so movie gets 3 out of 5. Jay Chou’s KongFu Dunk movie even got a 3 stars.

The Straits Times Page 4 states that this movie has many similarities to another Korean movie titled My Wife is a gangster. In it, the woman got married at some relatives wishes, got a not so macho guy as a husband, blabla. The movie even started with a narration for both movies. Somehow I wonder if its true that Jack Neo did not watch the movie at all. The parts are really similar, though the main plot is different. Perhaps its just a coincidence. (By the way, my professors refused to believe that any algorithm that we create can be similar in nature)

Anyway, Jack Neo seems to enjoy using Fann Wong portrayed as a guyish person. Perhaps this can boost sales? Other than the “attraction” of seeing Fann in such a different role, fans of Fann (no pun intended) will probably flock absent-mindedly to watch the movie for their idols.

Has Jack Neo lost his touch? I don’t know. However his past work seems to be having the signs of depreciating standards. Gone were the days of “I not stupid”. Even “Just Follow Law” seems a little lame.

To tell the truth, I would rather put my money in CJ7.

4 thoughts on “Ah-Long movie gets 1 Star out of 5

  1. Haha.. maybe it is a gimmick to make people want to watch the movie? I guess I shall take it safe and see what others say first. Haha

  2. I don’t think putting your money to CJ7 is good. Frankly I don’t enjoy CJ7 at all.

    Seems like our local paper doesn’t really support local production. In fact, after “Just Follow Law” I am looking forward to the Ah Long Movie.

  3. Oh..seems like there’s another less movie to watch. Haha..

    I feel that there should be something worth supporting, else we can’t expect our local paper to support local production can we?

    Frankly I enjoyed Home Run (however its a remake and the plot isn’t written locally), and even I Not Stupid II, which I feel is quite touching.

    However Just Follow Law doesn’t seem to be extremely great. The criticism of the public service is there, but I felt that some points are the same in the private sector as well. Like arrowing others to do something.

    Ah well. I hope there will be something new from Jack Neo. At least, some story that’s new and doesn’t seem similar to another movie.

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