Potential change to the ERP system could be improved

There have been news lately that suggests a possible change in the ERP system in the years to come. In the future, we will have our own ERP in the sky, where its like a giant eye in the sky that checks for congestion in Singapore and levies charges accordingly. A good point would be that you pay according to how long you stay on the road.

However I feel that a better gauge would be for how far you travel on a congested road. Since its congested, there is probably a jam, and levying charges based on time would be a little weird. This system would be great if the government can ensure that it works and there will not be any computer glitches. Furthermore, we all have to upgrade our In-Vehicle Units to make it compatible with GPS?

I have an idea. Since our topic is about congestion in Singapore, then our main effort should be to solve congestion. Thus we need to allow motorists to have information on where there is congestion and where the ERP is being levied. Since our In Vehicle Units would become more GPS enabled, why not allow motorists, for a small fee, to install a small GPS unit to show directions?

A person could then decide to travel from place A to place B, and when his default road is too congested, then the GPS unit would suggest a quicker and cheaper alternative road to take. In such a way, motorists would have more choices and congestion could be lessened because motorists now know exactly which other roads are not congested.

All this would be work, I know, but if it could be implemented, then it could go a long way in solving our congestion problem.

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