The name of Kira symbolises?

The recent scandal (you know what) took a new twist a few days ago when someone who is not yet caught by the police, distributed more photos of you know who. No I’m not talking about Lord Voldermort, and if you still do not know who it is, then forget it. You are probably not chinese speaking or you don’t care.

The reason why I do not want to write out the name of the person as well as the three letter word is that I do not want to get ponged riding on such a theme. I do not want to find myself checking google analytics and see that those rich keywords are searched by many people every day.

Anyway the topic is not about the guy or the girl, but about Kira. The name Kira was specially chosen. Kira is a character in the manga/anime/movie Death Note, and he symbolizes a warped sense of justice. He “kills” people whom he believes violated certain “laws” using his book called the Death Note. He is wanted by the police but can’t be caught (initially).

This Kira is trying to taunt everyone, including the police, and yet he is trying to portray himself as justice. However, he is just a very bored adult / teenager. He is Kira, but the Kira that becomes screwed after he started hunting down the police.

Kira claims that he/she does not want money and is not blackmailing anyone. I wonder why. Why then, would he distribute such photos if he has nothing to gain? He can’t claim to have the first of someone’s photos because now police are after him.

He then says he is angry with Jackie Chan who stepped forward to ask everyone to stop distributing the photos. He added that he is “disappointed” with Jackie Chan and says that JC is implicated in the videos.

Why is he acting with such a high moral authority when he is one of those scum or may I say filth who take private photos off personal computers and send them around, destroying reputation and damaging careers?

The original Kira is long gone, what is now is copycat Kira’s who can’t hold up to him.

2 thoughts on “The name of Kira symbolises?

  1. i thought the guy didn’t name himself specifically as kira but was “given” such a title? maybe my sources a bit wrong… haha…

    well, i think the anime/manga kira is more kewl =D

  2. Well I do not know for sure. Plenty of blogs started with material that seems to hint that Kira was self named. Anyway, no matter what, the name is wrongfully named.

    Sources (reliability in question) now say Kira is gone, after taking a sum of money. Thus this Kira’s integrity (assuming complete reliability of source)is at question. He certainly does not fit to call himself, or be called Kira.

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