ERP helps cut environmental costs!

I saw this on today’s The New Paper and I felt that we are all being leeched whenever we go through the ERP. Why do I say this? The primary use of ERP is to cut congestion isn’t it? ERP should only be used to curb congestion and not other stuff.

I quote:

Traffic congestion carries an environmental cost, not just an economic cost. That is why evening ERP has to be implemented, Transport Minister Raymond Lim said in Parliament yesterday.

He was responding ot Ms Lee Bee Wah, Member of Parliament for Ang Mo Kio GRC, who called for the evening ERP on the Central Expressway to be abolished.

Ms Lee said she had received feedback that hen the work day is over, traffic speed is no longer a critical issue for commuters driving home to Ang Mo Kio and Yishun on that expressway.

However, Mr Lim pointed out that there are others who want a congestion-free drive home as well as a better living environment.

He said: “Congestion extracts an economic and environmental cost. So at any time of the day, this is the cost you have.”

Well now, in the name of environmental costs, you can be charged for ERP even when it is not congested! Is this some grand plan to put a giant ERP over Singapore, and charge us for everything? Perhaps the next time we buy food and groceries, we have to move our body In Vehicular Unit and NTUC will deduct the money from us! Maybe ERP should change their name to NRP. No road pollution.

Seriously, this is getting lame. Not everything can be solved via price controls. Why is price a recurring factor these days? Well that is the reason why we increase our minister’s pay isn’t it? All about money.

What I feel is that pollution should not be brought into the picture. ERP, as I said, is mainly to solve road congestion. Pollution is a separate topic. Does it mean that people at the Central Expressway part deserve a healthier air than the rest of us? Why then do they deserved to have an ERP gantry and we don’t?

Pollution should be solved by other methods. If everything is just about price control, why not just limit COE? Bring prices up and have lesser cars on the road? Pollution is more effectively curbed that way isn’t it? Why don’t we start making sure that SBS or SMRT buses can’t be over a certain age limit since some old buses seem to emit lots of pollution?

The easiest way is just to build a giant ERP la. Make everyone pay for farting and contributing to pollution.

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