Traffic Increasing Opportunity at Qassia and how to use it

There have been a few posts on Qassia and about joining them, and I finally succumbed to joining it. On first impression it seems like a wiki. However I believe that it is more like an ezine directory of information.

One of the ways to increase pagerank is to submit articles diligently to various ezine articles directory. People will then copy the articles that you have written and insert the footnote that you have supplied, which contains a link to your own website.

Now, Qassia seems to be emulating an ezine directory because you get to add bits of information, or articles, called “Intel”, and they “pay” you in Qassia dollars. I believe that these Qassia dollars are used to rank your website against other websites.

I have tried to add an intel, and the following are very familiar stuff if you have been contributing to ezines.

You get to add your title and your article (duh), and you get to add tags or keywords about that article. You are also allowed to specify any geographical tags. Lets say that your article is relevant only in Singapore, hence you put up the Singapore tag.

HTML is not allowed in the body of the article, so be sure not to copy articles that links to other sites. You may contribute up to 10 external links per intel, for reference purposes and these will be no follow links. Meaning search engines will not follow the link and you can’t use it to increase your pagerank.

However, your own website will be linked when you submit the intel and that link is not a no follow link, so the more you post, the better it is?

You can also add in up to 25 images, and in this aspect its like creating your own wiki, except that there may be other wikis just like yours with the same keywords!

You can allow the public to take your work, or even limit it to no copy, or Creative Commons. There is even a comment option which I set to off because I don’t want to spend too much time replying to comments that’s not on my blogs.

Finally, you get to add a contributor’s note at the end. For me, I will naturally write about my site, NextTutor.

The one thing weird about Qassia is that you need to include at least 7 tags or keywords. I feel that this minimum thingy should not be imposed because I have to think of what to add in when there are only very few keywords. Furthermore, there doesn’t seem to be any mention of a minimum 7 tags. However Qassia is in beta mode so I guess its ok.

Finally, click continue and then submit and it will be queued for screening.

If you think that Qassia is quite a nice site which could potentially increase your traffic (internet marketeers think hard!!!), and you find that I have done a nice review, why not sign up at my Qassia page now?

Qassia seems to be a great upcoming site and take some chance and try it!

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