Hoiio Technopreneurship Challenge

After my lunch in NUS today, I walked past this guy and he promptly gave me a flyer. Its for some Hoiio Technopreneurship Challenge, and they are asking people to join this competition. If I wanted to join, I would need to submit an executive summary by 29th February.

29 is like next Friday. Why can’t the organizers choose a better date to market their competition? It seems a little lame for me to receive this when all I got is about 1.5weeks to put a team together, churn out an executive summary, on top of all the tutorials and labs that I have to do! Someone please spare a thought for studying pupils.

A visit to their website tells me that even if I get through the next round, I have to develope my service by 3rd May. Hello? People just can’t think for us students. Our final exams are in late April to May, so the time is supposed to be given to us to study and prepare for examinations. How the hell are we going to cope well with doing both. In any case I think its pure madness for me to juggle this competition, studies and NextTutor at the same time.

Anyone interested? You have to be a tertiary student to join. Do form a team of maximum 3 people to participate. If you are going to join, good luck and do tell me about the service you are going to provide. I would be happy to do a little marketing for you on my humble blog.

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