Becoming a Guardsmen II

In the last post I stopped when I was talking about Physical Training. Potential Guardsmen will surely be concerned with the level of fitness required during the course. Let me just say that it will be tough, no doubt about it, but it is definitely manageable.

I do recall many different types of physical training which focused largely on the abs area. An example of a particular exercise is to raise our legs up whilst lying down and move your left and right name alternatively up and down. After a while your abs would be very tired, and you can’t put down your legs till everyone’s legs are straight and at a 45degree angle. This is a test of endurance as a team. If there are some jokers who do not comply with instructions, everyone suffers. This allow you to find out if your friends are really trustworthy in times of need.

After a few weeks of running and training, your fitness will definitely improve. By the way, the IPPT system for Guards is different from normal infantry. To get a Gold, you must get an A in all the 5 stations, plus running time for 2.4km be less than 9 minutes and 15 seconds. To get a general feel, for a Pass in Guards its like a Silver in Infantry. One level up.

As for SOC, there is no major difference, except that the passing time is not 9.29 and below but 9.14 and below. The 15 seconds is for pride issues. At least you can tell your friends that you passed the Guards SOC. I did, and I cleared it in 9 minutes 7 seconds after many tries.

In the next post, I will talk more about the stuff that I did. However, they will not be detailed and certain parts will not be said because certain stuff are sensitive information.

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