On the prostitute post..

I’ve been following Ping.sg for quite some time and I know about the latest post about the prostitute photo, except that there is no way one can know if someone’s a prostitute.

However this is not the reason I’m blogging. Some guy actually justified that its ok to label someone a prostitute, and that it’s every blogger’s right to call something some name. Is it right?

I would think not. Bloggers are supposed to be more responsible than that. When taking a photo and giving an insulting name, we hurt the person and we destroy their reputation, no matter how small their reputation is. When we blog, we must care not to offend innocent people. It was wrong to label the lady a prostitute simply because of the way she dressed, but I commend the blogger for taking it down and not keeping quiet. Someone must learn how to keep his mouth shut.

Bloggers are also bounded by rule of law. We cannot say things that are false and risk getting sued because of defamation. Besides, its our duty to society not to write the wrong things. We can make a mistake, but not a mistake as such because it becomes an insult, although written in a tongue in cheek manner.

I feel that us bloggers are not a totally mature lot. Sometimes I find that I may have been reading a kid’s blog.

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