L Change The World Review

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I watched “L Change The World” today at GV Max in Vivocity. I must say the seats are great. Anyway, the movie is a spin off, which means it has nothing to do with the official death note story. In the first place, the movie death note wasn’t exactly in tune with the manga’s. But this has nothing to do with Death Notes though the shinigami appeared for a few seconds.

The story is about another clever human, but clever in the medical field. The gist is that there is this virus that spreads quickly and kills humans quickly too. L only has a few days left before he dies from the Death Note, and he has to solve the case quickly.

Spoilers ahead:
The movie is about the virus, and its creator is this clever lady, whom it was discovered to be K, another of Watari’s people. Watari told K to change the world, and she thought she could change the world by killing off humans who were destroying Earth’s ecosystem.

The virus has an antidote who was discovered by this brilliant scientist, K’s colleague. When this scientist discovered that K is so evil, he injected himself with the deadly virus, and kept the antidote with himself. To prevent a disease outbreak in the facility, K has to destroy the lab herself, and the antidote is also gone.

However, this is not before the scientist gave his daughter something to pass to Watari (whom is dead but no one else knows). The daughter holds the key to many mysteries, and without spoiling further, let me just say that all ends well and L saves the day.

Spoilers end…

Oh..Do stay after the credits. There is a 5 second clip that shows L munching on a chocolate bar before the subtitles announce that L passed away peacefully. I guess there won’t be a sequel? Or will there? Near, a character in the manga, is manifested in the flim in the end. Perhaps this means there is a chance for future movies? However, with L missing, perhaps the attraction isn’t there anymore.

For entertaining me for 2 hours, I give “L Change The World” a total of 4/5 stars. Do catch it if you have watched the previous 2 death note movies. It will help in understanding the gist of the introduction.

Official Site

Cast: Kenichi Matsuyama, Yuki Kudo, Mayuko Fukuda
Director: Hideo Nakata
Genre:Thriller/ Drama
Language: Japanese
Release Date:21 February 2008
Running Time:128 minutes
Movie Code:4138

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