Wonderful Suggestions for Yellow Ribbon Project

The Yellow Ribbon project has been around for several years now. It is mainly to call for the “Winds of Change” (wow familiar right) in the Singaporean mentality to accept criminals who are willing to change for the better. I guess this initiative should be supported as long as there is an element of biasness against repented criminals.

However, perhaps more could be done to help them? In a way, since the job market is supposedly so bad for ex-criminals (that they have to start this ribbon project), it would mean that the demand for former criminals is not high (even if there is such a thing). Any economics student can tell you that perhaps you should reduce the price, or wages in this aspect. Hence, former criminals should be more willing to work the same amount of work for lesser the pay, until their bosses trust them fully.

Labour costs is going up, and this bunch of former criminals can help SMEs offset their rising labour costs because they are willing to work for a lesser amount. What then, can we do to integrate them into society?

Can we think about scholarships? After all, thousands and ten thousands or hundreds of thousands or ______ of thousands are spent on foreign talent. These foreign talents come and study for free, and they just need to serve a 6 year bond. During this 6 years, they have to contribute to Singapore’s economy. (Which makes me think why us Singaporeans cannot do so.) Anyway, the point is that many of these foreign talents are weaker than our normal talents (considering many of our local top talents are on scholarships, the remaining in Singapore are only normal talent, if the government even considered us talents), and thus it means money is wasted. Not to mention there is not a single shred of loyalty to Singapore.

On the other hand, we have enthusiastic reformed people who want to get a job, but can’t. (This reminds me of the bloody NUS SCHOLAR who hacked into the RJC server and got a bloody fine which was paid for by other foreign talents), and is probably still on his &*)(*^% scholarship.

Money could be spent to subsidize SMEs who are willing to take on the following initiative:

SMEs could use the money to train existing prisoners. Existing prisoners who have only 1 or 2 years more to being released, and have excellent track records can be considered for this scheme. SMEs would train these prisoners in whatever skills they need whilst they stay in the prison. Upon graduation being released from prison, they can then move on to work for the SME at a reduced wage for a period of 6 years (with chances of pay increment of course).

Naturally, there is bound to be some interview process involved.

Isn’t this much better than wasting our precious resources in Singapore? By the way, if you have been reading Stomp, one of our Foreign Talents are very much involved in our NEWater scheme! Her son is actively contributing to the pool of NEWater, just at the wrong venue, in the MRT. Yes, the MRT. The MRT is now named the sMelly Rancid Toilet.

Anyway, the main point is that we got to do something to help the SMEs and the criminals, and this is the best way. Why, you mean scholarships can’t be given to criminals? Even Ah Longs throw paint nicely and sing songs to take back money already!

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