Straits Times published propaganda as speech of the day?

Now, I thought it was a great speech, something full of suggestions and warm ideas, one that made meaningful sentences that can bring benefits to the people, but alas, it was not to be. For the speech of the day seemed ridden with so much propaganda, I think it should be called “Major Bootlicking of the day”. In fact, our beloved MP actually did some amount of bootlicking in the budget last year, as I quote from

the generosity of the recent budget is possible under the stewardship of the ruling People’s Action Party.

What a big bullshit, I would say. Nothing to do with budget, but a huge bootlicking. We Singaporeans already know we got a great government, ok?

But why speech of the day? Isn’t there other speeches more worthy of thy honour? No. It’s not that other speeches are inferior, but it is that the speech of the day gets more attention. People who are busy with their working life (or peasants like me mugging for mid terms), are probably going to skip many speeches and just read the speech of the day. Thus, someone wants you to read this propaganda!

Why do I say propaganda then? Surely it isn’t fair to label a speech of the day as propaganda? Let me quote a few paragraphs for your perusal:

  1. As Singaporeans, we should feel lucky and be thankful that we have a good Government.
  2. But living in a small country with little natural resources except for the seawater around us, there is little we can do to contain imported inflation.
  3. I urge the Government to assure the people that we do have strong and capable leaders to run the country, and that efforts to strengthen and renew the leadership need to be made.
  4. Singaporeans are confident that the Government will always do what it can to give them a better future

So what is his speech about, you ask? Nothing but the above. Is there any major point he spoke about? Yes, about citizens asking about the Prime Minister’s health, and about being concerned that he is finding the 4th generation leaders so soon.

Is there anything he said to do with the budget? Other than trying to justify that there is little we can do to contain imported inflation, no. If we need MPs just to tell us this, we could all serve as MPs.

I do understand the need to find the 4th generation leaders starting from now. Seeing the standards of some of the MPs, I worry that we cannot find the 4th generation in time.

And oh, somebody asked for scholarship bond to be cut to 3 years, because they fear brain drain. Alas, mere plebians like me who study in local universities are no threat to the brain drain. In Singapore, you should either be a foreigner, or a scholarship holder. But seeing that I’m criticizing some people on my own blog, I doubt I will be getting any scholarship at all, even if my grades were to become fantastic.

What do you think? Take a look at the Straits Times today and tell me if I’m wrong. Comments are welcome, even critiques.

4 thoughts on “Straits Times published propaganda as speech of the day?

  1. mmm i think the letter yesterday from Ms Khartini Khalid takes the cake for propaganda, i mean speech of the day. y spend money on comedy movies when parliament can be just as entertaining? and of course mere peasants like me are no threat to the brain drain since i’ll be working my behind off paying my student loans for the perpetually increasing uni fees. where got time to think about migrating?

  2. Hi Jeremy, nice way of telling me who you are through the name..hahaha..

    Yes I did read the one she wrote to our newspaper, and I must say, it’s a letter of the day material! I long for the day we have a strong opposition and have one to one fights instead of using the GRC system. Then we can truly pick and choose our leaders properly and the weaker ones will get booted out no matter what.

    For Singapore to become stronger, our government cannot be made of people who get into government through a free ticket.

  3. haha..the ippt thing was quite lame and funny actually..but at least its not any speech of the day material.

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