Kena Ambushed by Great Eastern

Well, I got ambushed by Great Eastern yesterday at Toa Payoh Bus Interchange. Somebody passed me this little rectangular paper which wrote:

“Collect your free gift at Toa Payoh Bus Interchange”

I continued walking on, wondering what it was all about. Bus Interchange? Arn’t I in the bus interchange in the first place? No company name, no nothing. Collect from who? Anyway I can’t be bothered with some mysterious free gift. Seems like a scam.

When I walked past the Great Eastern booth, the man grabbed the little paper I was holding, went into the booth and said “Follow me to collect your free gift”. Wtf? A man suddenly grabbing the thing you are holding and going in like that with a command. I just got ambushed by a section of 1 man!

I didn’t want to go in.My gf didn’t want to go in either, but that man beckoned and said it wouldn’t take up much of our time, and that it’s just a survey. Reluctantly we went in to do the survey for him. It turned out to be a sales pitch in the end rather than a survey. Put in $x every day and you can get $y every month after 25 years. Blah blah blah. Sorry we’re not interested.

The sums seems good. You put in about $50000 and get about $65000 after 25 years. But I guess I would rather do my own investment. šŸ˜›

Guess what’s the free gift? It’s a small sachet of Omega Milk Powder. Talk about being cheapo. Anyway I guess our worth to him was even less than the milk powder. I wonder what happened to those who signed up and got only a milk powder. Lol.

Anyway, the free gift wasn’t the main point. The problem is why are potential clients ambushed like that with a shock you and make you come in strategy? Instead of being polite about it, you grab someone’s paper and suddenly turn in, sit down, make yourself comfortable while your potential clients stand outside in shock staring at you? Well Great Eastern, I am not impressed. The next time someone does that, no matter how attracted I am to the policy, I won’t buy it from him. Perhaps find another polite promoter and give him/her the commission.

5 thoughts on “Kena Ambushed by Great Eastern

  1. You know, the underground ‘lobby’ at Novena MRT station that is the space outside the ticketing control has now become the home turf for the insurance triads.

    Poor commuters like me have to look down and quickly scurry past the gangs of agents for fear of being accosted.

    And I’ve been looking down on the floor so much that I don’t even know the name of the insurance company all this while.

  2. At Novena? Oh Miss Loi, your temple gates should open and set forth the aura and make them tremble in your existence!

    This insurance thing is getting irritating. Although I would like to be in the know for insurance matters, I don’t want to be forced into listening to something especially when I’m in a hurry.

    Maybe next time we have Insurance Affairs, as opposed to Infernal Affairs..

  3. Lol, its something alot of commuters have a phobia of. The invasion of the insurance hunters.

    I remember my ns days before my unit shifted to Kranji, I will invariably pass by Boon Lay interchange. That used to be a hotspot, I dunno whether it still is, and I don’t plan to check it out.

    Speaking of which, there was actually this agent back then who was quite polite, even treated me to a drink, hahaha. But throughout the conversation she probably realised that I’m not like an idiot in the area.

    Hmm Ken, if I’m not wrong, that 65k returns on 50k over 25 years appears to be only about 2% compounded returns. (if I get my stuffs right)

  4. Hmm..Don’t think Boon Lay interchange have le. Now mostly got the clothing is only occasionally..most of the time they like to station at orchard area also..

    Hmm 2% ah..isn’t that actually low? Don’t seem to be able to curb a 6% high this year!

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