Stompers have magical eyes

Sometimes I think stompers have magical eyes. They can see the truth happening around us. They know when something is happening and they can see couples having sex in the sea. This post really makes me wonder if we are jumping to conclusions?

I mean, how do we know for sure that the couple is behaving that intimately? A few photos cannot prove that. Neither can we say that it is obvious because we can’t see what’s going on down there.

Now, this brings a few questions:

The person is offended by the contamination of the water by such acts. If we think about it, the sea is not a purified haven. I do think that the fishes and sea creatures eat and shit, and that is, in my own opinion, more dirty than sperm. However, perhaps it cannot be called contamination since the sea creatures live there. What about oil spills? People who swim and pee in the sea? People who throw rubbish in the sea? The sea is already contaminated, and we do not need be so horrified of the level of dirtiness. Nevertheless, perhaps a few ml of sperm is contamination.

The stomper says, “Think of the children that are around”. Well, it has been shown that when adults and children view a picture, they have different throughts. The most famous one is probably in an email where you have many dolphins together. Adults will see that the dolphins form a shape of a naked lady, whilst children who are not influenced by adult’s dirty mentality will only recognize the dolphins. Thus, will the children know what is happening? They probably think that there are two people having fun.

Anyway the main point is that we do not know for sure what the hell they are doing. Judging by the two pictures, they could just be hugging and playing around in the pool innocently. Now I know for sure that stompers have magical eyes. Once they see something, they know for sure the truth behind it. Sometimes all we have to do is to stop and think, “Are we right?” and we find that we may not be sure after all. So stop stomping!

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