Going for a talk where there is Adam Khoo

Yesterday I went for some talk by organized by Great Eastern at the Great Eastern Building @ Chinatown area. Actually I went there because there is a free talk by Adam Khoo, and since there has been so much buzz around this guy, I went to check him out. For the uninitiated, this guy probably earned about two thousand dollars just talking for one hour yesterday night.

The main draw is about the entrepreneur internship program organized by Great Eastern, so mainly Adam Khoo is also trying to sell the idea of being a financial adviser. In the internship program, one gets to go for 3 different examinations for 3 separate licenses which are good if you intend to go into the financial sector.

Adam Khoo said a couple of interesting things, especially on how he started earning money whilst he was still studying in NUS. He did make it seem profitable to become a financial adviser, but personally I think you got to put in plenty of effort to earn money, so I wasn’t too interested in that aspect of his talk. I think one has to have some passion in the thing that they are doing.

He made a great point about how important it is to learn how to sell. We have to sell constantly to succeed in life. Maybe not selling products, but selling ideas and selling yourself. We sell ourselves to our bosses so that we have a greater chance of securing the next promotion, and we sell ideas so that our bosses will approve of them. Or perhaps we sell a business idea to a fellow friend and then get down to work. We can’t seem to escape selling.

However, perhaps his talk is quite predictable. I could complete most of his sentences, which perhaps just showed that he planned his speech very well such that the audience can understand it easily. The main things are those that you probably have read from people like Robert Kiyosaki. We should set goals for ourselves and have the belief that we will succeed.

For myself, I think my main obstacle is perhaps the lack of sufficient discipline. I mean, I have left my projects hanging around. So many people are working on something whilst studying, but I am actually not putting in much effort. Perhaps I should set some goal for my NextTutor website.

He also mentioned how mentalities and situations have changed. In our parents generation, if you study hard, get good grades, get a good degree with a good job and you have your future set. However as of now, we have more risks because there is no such thing as an iron rice bowl. We have to prepare ourselves for the possibility of getting retrenched or fired. I think that is quite true.

He talked too about active and passive income, something which I am familiar with now. I have built a small stream of passive income on my site, just enough to cover domain + hosting costs, not even a small meal in a nice restaurant. Perhaps I should start making more active income whilst I study too.

As DK mentioned, he is going to learn php and maybe some other programming language. So, what should I be doing? I think I should get my lazy ass cracking!

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