Facebook – A land of opportunity?

Facebook just helped me recently. I managed to wish someone a Happy Birthday on time, because Facebook tells me whose birthday is coming recently. Doesn’t this remind you of something? In the past few years, we have received nagging invites from our friends who wants us to key our details inside their Birthday Alarm account at some website so that when our birthday comes near, they will know. I don’t know what happened to that website, but Facebook has now succeeded in doing the same thing, with less irritation.

There are many different sites which are doing different things, but mostly simple mundane issues, something you don’t need an account for. Facebook is best in such a sense because you need 1 account (facebook), and then you can have access to many applications which are doing the same thing that other sites are allowing you to do.

This also means that if you are coming up with a website, you better think twice now. Some things will be more successful having a website of your own, some will be more successful being hosted on Facebook. Facebook has effectively eliminated the need for birthday reminder websites, or groups websites like Yahoo groups. Facebook also has an event application by default, which people can invite you for an event and you can just click Not Attending, Maybe Attending, or Attending. Saves the trouble and you don’t need another application for that.

The huge numbers of Facebook users just mean that most of our friends are now on Facebook, or will sooner or later be members of Facebook. The ease of applications installation simply means that Facebook is easily customizable and is a perfect substitute for many online applications.

If you are a business owner, why not think Facebook? Perhaps you will find a good way to market your brand on Facebook, perhaps you will not. Because some applications are perfect for facebook, whist others are not. Some stuff are still worth getting an account for.

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