Untraceable – Killwithme – Review

Untraceable Poster

Well I went to watch Untraceable today at Vivocity. I must say that it’s a good time to watch movies at vivo in the morning/afternoon timeslot because there are lesser people and you will be able to queue and buy tickets (of course, if the movie is super popular, I guess you should book tickets).

Anyway, I noticed Untraceable from their youTube trailer, and I guess the potential of the story got me interested. Basically, Untraceable is about this psychopath who invites the world to kill with him by linking the rate of death to the number of people logging in. The more people who view the murder process, the faster the person dies.

I rate it a 2.5 stars out of 5, and it’s not a must watch and I will say why in the following:

Spoilers Alert though

The killer is not untraceable. In fact, it would seem that it is quite easy to trace the killer because one of the FBI agents found out something and got killed.

The total dead people count is 3 and 1 kitten is killed in the process.

The first person is a helicopter pilot who piloted the helicopter as the psychopath’s dad killed himself on a bridge. On his chest were words carved using a knife. The words are “Kill with me”. An anticoagulant was linked to this pilot and the more people who watch, the more anticoagulant was injected, and he bled to death.

The second person is the Channel 12 News reporter who interviewed many people and even compiled clips of best suicides. One of those was the suicide of the father. In short, this is the man who made it possible for other people to know of the father’s suicide. One of the clips is titled Rush Hour Suicide. He was cemented to the floor and heat lamps were shone at him. The more viewers there are, the faster the heat lamps lighted up. He died being cooked alive.

The third is the FBI agent who supposedly discovered something. I am not too sure if he knew before he was caught or not, but he when he was dipped in the water with sulfuric acid slowly being injected, he used winks to send a message to the FBI. The message turned out to be “our suicide”, which was linked to Rush Hour Suicide. That clip is the father’s suicide clip, and from there they managed to link everything together.

The female lead got caught in the end and you will know why because the stupid trailer included that scene inside. I’m like just waiting for the female to get caught. Anyway she survives and manages to kill the asshole before he kills her. It ends with her showing her badge to the cameras, something which I do not understand.

Spoilers End

Anyway it’s not a very good movie, so there is no need to spend money watching it. Good for plain entertainment though.

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4 thoughts on “Untraceable – Killwithme – Review

  1. Haha.. I believe Miss Loi could cause a mini genocide if you are a murderer too! But then again, it’s the rate of death ma. So XX and Mr Brown (assuming they are murderers), just kill faster than all of us do..but if ping.sg (Uzyn) is one, then GG liao. Haha.. No offence to XX, Mr Brown and Uzyn.

  2. Lol..but they dun need to show anione the person dying and still can kill leh..lol..the visits too much liao..hahahaha

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