Taking responsibility for the terrorist’s escape

Mas Selamat has been at large for over a month and a half or so already, and all we get are words. I believe that a majority of us are getting pissed off over this incident, and it does not make it any better when it seems to be our fault. Mr Brown has an excellent “letter” that sums everything up.

How can you and I be blamed for his escape? It is not our duty to stand and guard him. In what way are we “complacent” in this matter? Why then, do they talk about complacency amongst citizens? True, we had been living in a sense of safeness and security, believing that nothing can go wrong in Singapore, because we have an efficient government who has been leading us for decades. Had we been complacent because we keep thinking that way? Then that must change. People, do not be complacent and think that the situation in Singapore will remain that way. We should always look for the winds of change and perhaps in a few years down the road, we should all change like Malaysia.

This letter below is quite a good one. Notice that we do not know who is to blame for the terrorist’s escape. We only know it’s the damned fucking guard that’s at fault. But surely some department should take responsibility? I mean, it’s not the first time someone escaped from the freaking toilet. Even Channel 8 knows that. Hence, why have we not taken active steps to prevent escape from different venues?

Questions that have been going on in my mind include:
1) Why wasn’t the toilet windows locked? Or grilled? Maybe they should change the windows to those Mc Donald’s style glass, where it will only break when Singaporeans all queue for Hello Kitty. Ventilation can be in the form of ventilation fans which are small squares that a full grown adult cannot escape from.
2) Why wasn’t the criminal tagged? It seems that in certain prisons, they tag their prisoners so they know where they are at any point in time.
3) Why information was so slow to be distributed to us?

Many many other questions. And has the report from the inquiry been out yet? Or have I been studying too much that I missed the report? Perhaps I am too complacent, believing that the inquiry will do everything.

Govt has to take some responsibility too

I REFER to last Saturday’s article ‘Guards were negligent, says MM’. Like MM Lee, I very much agree that the Government is not to be blamed for the escape of Mas Selamat Kastari.

The good track record of the Singapore Government should not be diminished by this unfortunate incident. However, there should be some level of accountability by the Home Affairs Ministry and not only by the guards who were in charge of the Jemaah Islamiah (JI) detainee who had once planned to crash a plane into Changi Airport.

The ministry had a role to play in ensuring all this did not happen in the first place.

But none of the statements from the ministry suggested that it was apologetic over the incident and there was no admission that there could have been an oversight on its part. Ironically, an Insight report in The Straits Times on the same day cited Dr Michael Benoliel, an associate professor of organisational behaviour at the Singapore Management University, as saying ‘All the great corporations collapsed because they underestimated the competition’.

Is it fair that accountability lies only with certain strata of staff members of a corporation?

Let us all ponder this since we have often compared our Government to a large corporation.

Mohd Rashed Badarudin

2 thoughts on “Taking responsibility for the terrorist’s escape

  1. When extra strokes of the cane was given, who were the ones to take responsibility? The court clerk had to resign, but the Prison Head & the respective Minister was never questioned.

    Now that an inmate escaped, who do you think will be “responsible” for it? I pity that chap.

    Ed’s last blog post..VIDEO: 8 teenagers arrested over taped beating

  2. Haha..ultimately the main bulk of the responsibility lies in the guard because he is the first line that was breached. There is no doubt that he should be responsible for it. However, there should be accountability for the entire matter because it should not have happened. There were many loop holes. Other than the guard, I’m sure the responsibility lies elsewhere too. But now, I think it lies on us. We are ALL complacent.

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