The harsh reality of certain foreigners in Singapore

Well I have been ranting and raving and am nearly starking mad, but the situation is still the same in Singapore. Of course, many of us have done the same, cursing and swearing and displaying our anger at certain foreigners in Singapore, but of course, they are still considered Foreign Talents, and seem to be higher valued than us, peasants of Singapore. Well they tell us when we were in primary school that one chopstick break easily, many chopstick not so easily. Sounds great but it’s false. How many of us are pissed off already? Thus this is my new law:

One Singaporean Chopstick break easily, one bunch of Singaporean Chopstick break easily too, but One (insert expletive here) foreign talent chopstick cannot break.

Isn’t it? I feed sad for us.

In my past entry, I spoke about a moron. The saga continues, sadly. The discussion progressed after I wrote that post, and it branched out to his ignorance (not me ignorantsoup ok? I am ignorantsoup but you don’t address me as my ignorance ok?) saying that teachers are like the average karung guni men on the street, they deserve no different amount of respect, that teachers are paid workers and should resign if they cannot do the job. Well, naturally Soup is super pissed off, because his ignorance is so rude to the lecturers / the lab coordinators. Thus Soup said that since we are talking about prices, then the person who doesn’t pay for the good shall not complain. Naturally this makes sense, his ignorance is on a free education. His ignorance is a foreign talent ok? Don’t pway pway. He even said it himself that our government is valuing (insert hokkien expletive here) foreign talents so why we brainwashed peasants (ok he said citizens) are not following.

CNN! BCC! AXN and Cartoon Network!!!

His ignorance actually considers himself a foreign talent.

Foreign criminal more like.

Pui. This peasant spits at you.

Anyway, the discussion about free education went on, and he says that he isn’t receiving a free education. Got 6 year bond wor. Ok la, he is also an economic major so he probably consider it opportunity cost. But what the fish? If I am applying for a scholarship, I would treat it like a job interview lo. Because soup wants to work with an established good company. But judging from his ignorance’s words, it seems that he treats the 6 year bond as a cost, which means he can’t be bothered about working here loh. If you are genuinely interested in coming in Singapore to work and live, Soup welcomes you and can treat you like a fellow peasant talent loh. But you show this kind of bloody attitude, Soup knows you can’t wait to fly off to another country. Soup knows, but Soup’s superiors don’t.

So this is the main point. Some of them don’t care about living and contributing here. They see the 6 years as a repayment for the free education, and them its time to serve and f**k off. (Walau summore they never serve NS..can S A F off one sia).

That’s it. Harsh reality that no one bothers because soup is only a peasant. Where are our elites to come and fight with this talent? Oh..They are on scholarship at foreign universities, and they may never come back. Oh well, only peasants can fight lo.

To end off, I would like to give you an easter egg code:

void easterEgg()
cout<<" /" "<
cout<<" | ./ |"<
cout<<" | |"<
cout<<" | |"<
cout<<" |>~<|"<
cout<<" | |"<
cout<<" /'| |/'.."<
cout<<" /~| | | | "<
cout<<" | =[@]= | | "<
cout<<" | | | | | "<
cout<<" | ~ ~ ~ ~ |` )"<
cout<<" | /"<
cout<<" /"<
cout<<" /"<
cout<<" _____ /"<
cout<<" |--//''`--|"<
cout<<" | (( +==)) |"<
cout<<" |--_|_//--|"<


Ok la paste here le the shape weird liao..but you know what i mean. EasterEgg you!

Here’s a link to the correct image..dunno why my code function got problem.

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