Why I must not lose my laptop

My Laptop and MeWell this is the first time I actually posted my own photo on this blog, and now my identity is revealed. Lol. I’m writing this entry because Bak2u has kindly given me the opportunity to get a free VereyPC as well as the unlimited subscription! Thanks Bak2u and Blog2u.

Now, why must I not lose my laptop? The other day at the Computer Center bus stop at NUS, I saw this A4 sized poster pasted on one of the pillars. This guy actually lost his laptop and in it is his final year project. He is even willing to pay $500 for whoever who found the laptop!

Whilst I do not have my final year project inside my laptop (hey I’m still a freshie..well not going to be one soon..lol), I have something important inside. No it’s not the lecture notes because I can always re download them again. No it’s not the past sem’s lecture notes either. Actually if you look at the photo closely, the laptop is at the NextTutor website!

Yes, NextTutor is my baby, my pet project, my “CCA” or whatever you can call it. It’s like Paddy’s Bak2u, Blog2u and all the other start up he has, except on a much smaller scale. Losing my laptop would mean that the files are gone. Although most files are uploaded on the web host, the important files that have not been uploaded are at risk. After all, I’m remaking NextTutor. It is really terrible to if I were to lose my laptop.

Besides that, my laptop have all my photos! While I am not Edison Chen and I do not have that kind of photos (no one wants to watch anyway. lol), but hey I never release my photo until I am forced to. Lol. (Looks at this post)..Just joking.

Thanks Bak2u for giving me this free VereyPC software, and it’s an added protection for my laptop. (No my laptop doesn’t have a rubber cover..got silicon keyboard protector though).

10 thoughts on “Why I must not lose my laptop

  1. Whoa I shy leh. Where got handsome.. Come to think of it, the other day I added the Spark facebook application for fun. Very disappointing leh..Lol..not like our sexy math tutor..lol..

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