Why heads should roll

I’m sure everyone is by now, very knowledgeable about the entire Mas Selamat COI findings, and can probably tell me what are the 3 confluence of factors that contributed to his escape. I’m also sure that you have either read about the incident on the papers or heard it from the news, or from friends, or from Ping.sg, like I did.

There have been discussions, published on the National Paper today, of course, regarding whether heads should roll, and featuring our PM defending his minister. Well personally I don’t think our minister has to resign, but I think the person who should resign and answer for this is the ISD head, or whoever that’s in charge of matters in the Whitley Detention Center.

There are many points raised on the blogsphere, of which I will attempt to reproduce it to the best that I can, and say why I think heads should roll. Firstly, let me start by saying that someone did a really lousy job, and has failed in his duty, and hence should be considered incompetent in this aspect.

1) Why are the CCTV’s not recording?
This is the greatest and most stupid blunder anyone could ever have. This is a security facility housing terrorist’s wannabes and we do not have CCTV to help us guard against them. Having a CCTV that doesn’t record is even worse. Having a CCTV that nobody’s looking at is the worst.

2) Urinal doors that have doors?
This got to be one of the most stupidest luxury that terrorists wannabes have. If I remember the picture correctly, there are two urinals and the door can be locked. (If not why need to kick the door open? Can just push it right?) I mean, which male uses two urinals? Not to mention, which male pees for 11 minutes straight? Either he drank a whole swimming pool, or he’s probably masturbating. Can’t be changing for that long either. Unless he’s shitting in the urinal? Else, how can you explain the need to place toilet rolls at the urinal section so that he can break his fall? Which male uses the toilet paper (7 rolls!!) after he finishes peeing?

3) Un-grilled windows
Again another dumb idea. As the head of the facility, surely it is your job to ensure that your prisoners do not escape. When there is a misunderstanding with the contractor, why are steps not taken to ensure that either the contractor does the job, or get another contractor to install the grill windows? I’m sure that money spent on grills is money well spent. Plus, who in the right mind would consider sawing off the handles a good substitute for grills? If so, the grill installing companies will have no more jobs. I mean, it’s pretty obvious that we can push the window out right? That is a big security mistake that any NSF can tell you.

4) Tall ledge that goes all the way to the fence
As the supervisor or the one in command of WDC, shouldn’t all matters be under someone’s command? I mean, surely someone knows that there is this ledge or zinc roof that goes all the way to the fence (as it seems to be at the 10 o clock news the day before). That is a huge security loophole. You might as well not fence it.

5) Who build the fence so near the detention center?
It took a trained soldier 49 seconds (around there?) to escape from the toilet and out of the detention center. Why are we making it so easy for escape? Since it is so near the fence, why then are we taking the risk by having ungrilled windows?

I can hardly call it complacency. It’s a serious lack of responsibility. Someone is drinking Milo Dinosaur when he is supposed to make his rounds round the detention center and make sure that things are done. Even in NS, we have the RSM who ensures that the BOS checks the ground for cleanliness. The guard duty personnel are also supposed to check that the fences are not cut etc. But someone is not walking the ground, or that someone is taking it for granted that things will go well.

We need to show that the civil service is not an iron rice bowl. No matter what, it is a serious error to be the head of a detention facility and view security as such a minute issue. Seriously, someone is not doing his job well. I can’t say that our minister is at fault, because WDC is not the only thing he has to govern. The person who governs the facility at WDC should be punished severely. If not, then what meritocracy are we talking about? No matter what mistakes were made, we will always forgive and forget?

They better catch the terrorist before other countries do, else it would be a serious shame on our faces. I guess, more work should be done rather than to rebut Mr Chiam of Potong Pasir, asking him if he is a police dog expert.

3 thoughts on “Why heads should roll

  1. Haha you’re from NJ too?

    well, the lapses are so lame that it doesn’t seem to be the truth. We really ARE complacent.

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