Stupid Stomper

I was in the middle of studying for my exams when I took a break and went to the portal of many laughs, Stomp. I found this wonderful article contributed by a stupid stomper.

He labels the Singaporean inside the video a “Kiasu” Singaporean, so I suppose I have a right to call him stupid too. Baka!

What’s so kiasu about whatever he’s doing? Pushing the car up and down in oscillatory motion? How the hell does one link it to pumping more petrol? And since when Singapore offers an all you can pump petrol? Lol.

It’s weird that people are snapping photos like this. Do they win something? This is getting nonsensical. Now I’m afraid to walk in public else I may get stomped for just walking when the light is green. Haha..Great way to destress!

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