Minor Updates

Well I haven’t been blogging recently, even though my exams have ended last week. I’ve been having some problems of my own regarding my life, and thus that takes priority over all blogging. Haha. Anyway there doesn’t seem to be any inspiration recently on what exactly to blog about my life.

Recently I have also been out with my friends from NUS, and the madness just ended today when two of my friends went back home in Malaysia and Indonesia. Hence the NUS clique is effectively 2 people less, and there is nothing much to do together, so the outings are going to be seldom I guess. But I can still ask them out and meet somehow.

Well watched Iron Man yesterday. It’s a pretty good movie, considering I only paid $6 for it. If you pay by Nets in Cathay, its $6 per ticket. Of course, student price is also $6. I am not sure if the Nets promotion has any time-line, but I went during the weekday afternoon, so if you go during that time, it should be $6. For students just use the student card if all of you are there. (Just in case, because one card nets you one ticket only, according to rules and regulations).

On a side note, they say if they don’t give us a receipt, our purchase is free. Does the ticket count as a receipt? Lol. I think it does, else I would have gotten a free movie.

Anyway for Iron Man reviews, I think I shall not come out with one, since my friend Jiahao has already done so. He watched the same iron man movie as I did, at the same place, just that I was with my clique and he was with Waikit. So go to Jiahao for the iron man review. I think he rated it 6.5 stars out of 10. I would rate it that too.

3 thoughts on “Minor Updates

  1. Haha..stricter markings I guess. Haha. But i don’t deny that its a great movie. I originally thought it’s going to suck, but I was just overwhelmed. Great movie!

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