Updates on my life

It has been like nearly 2 weeks since my exams ended, and I haven’t accomplished much, to be very honest. There are many things I thought I would do after the exams but I ended up procrastinating.

Firstly, IPPT is like in two weeks and I am not in good shape to even pass. I can only probably do 6 pull ups? And I haven’t did my sit ups in like don’t know how many months? Or years? Since I ORDed of course. Not to mention the shuttle run or the jump. Argh.

The next one is actually somehow like a big problem. I’ve always been interested in things like website designing blabla. My pet project from last year, NextTutor, is a big problem. I’m trying to upgrade it and improve on the algorithm, but somehow I don’t really know what I should do, or how should I go about doing it. In fact, all I seem to be able to do is to recode the existing stuffs. I don’t see the direction it should go, and I don’t see how I can power everything up alone, or even with two people. Perhaps I should seriously consider letting someone else run certain components.

Somehow I have been wanting to go out often, just that I’m a little tight right now because I’m jobless during the holidays. So I can’t pay for plenty of things, but I still wish someone will ask me out to while away the time.

Haha. Blogging has somehow taken a secondary standing. I can’t seem to enjoy blogging anymore, nor do I have the desire to find something to talk about.

What is wrong with me? Perhaps I should take a nice break.

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