Digital Life article on Advertising Revenue opportunities for blogs

Today’s Digital Life touched upon the opportunities for bloggers to earn some advertising revenue through their blogs. Overall, the article just touches the surface of the whole issue, that is, the article is probably helpful if you are a newbie in the advertising on my blog system. You get just the bare insight on how things can work, not how things work.

In fact, there are a few things that I think should or should not be asked.

Firstly, I don’t see the point in asking about the member count. Digitial Life pointed out, which I agree, that the member count will overlap because some, like me, mix two advertising companies and put their ads on my blog. In my case, its Advertlets and Blog2u. Personally, I feel that this member count does nothing except to brag about how much “command” or “market share” one has, except that the whole count is a fake number. Why do I say that? Other than overlaps, one fails to take into account disgruntled bloggers. That is, bloggers who fail to see the vision of a particular company and decide to leave. Now I may be biased from the stuff I read from, because, as far as I am concerned, there only seems to be one company that is steadily losing members, and in a big way too, declaring on blogs and those posts end up on the top 10 in Now more people seem to be leaving this company, and ironically, this is the company that is declaring the largest number, or 13000, compared to its rivals of 12000 and 5000. How many people of the 13000 are still staying, I do not know, but if we take into account that every company has disgruntled bloggers, then perhaps the 12000 company may end up commanding the larger market share?

The other problem relating to this article is that it seems to portray that anyone can earn money from online advertising. I must give them credit though, because they recognize an important fact that some groupies do not, that is, only those popular bloggers commanding a strong and steady amount of page views per day earn better. The problem though, is that somewhere in the article, it chooses to spread a false ideology from the sales pitch by a certain company, to say that you only need 20 unique visitors a day to share the moolah. Or the money.

Now, if you have been in this advertising arena for some time, you would have realized that it is completely questionable. On first read, you may feel that as long as I have 20 unique visitors, I can join them and earn money. However, the real statement is, if I have 20 unique visitors, I can join them. Period. The earning money part does not come into play as effectively. It all depends on how much visitors you have. If you just meet the bare minimum, sad to say, you will probably not be earning enough to even cash out.

What Digital Life should have asked, is the amount of earnings PER member. This effectively tells you, on average, how much money you can earn if you join. Of course, you have to do a little decrement because the popular bloggers will take the bulk of it. But you end up with a better number than member count.

What they can ask is also, how many ads are served to members, PER member again.

Now if those questions are asked and answered positively and truthfully, the leading advertising provider won’t really be leading, isn’t it? It MAY not be leading. So far, it is leading on member count, that is members who joined, without taking into account members who left.

The point of writing this is that the article just barely scratches the surface of advertising revenue opportunities. In fact, more could come out of this, and more space could be given to competitors like Advertlets and Blog2u? Perhaps Digital Life can come out with some neat comparison, which will definitely be more useful than the current article.

Advertising is not easy. Earning money is not easy. All is but a dream, and we can all just hope to collect enough money to cash out. So peasants, no matter which company you are loyal to, lets just wait and collect. But for those who have not yet joined, perhaps, you may want to see if your daily unique visitors is good enough. 20, is definitely NOT good enough.

2 thoughts on “Digital Life article on Advertising Revenue opportunities for blogs

  1. A more penetrative way of saying it will be… “So far, it is leading on PROCLAIMED member count”. What is being declared openly need not necessarily be accurate until an official audit is conducted. The economy of scale just do not match up to Google Adsense to command that big a portion.

    Secondly, I do not quite agree to the policy of monopolizing the industry before it is matured in any aspect. From an investment point of view, leveraging on various platforms increase the profitability more than one dedicated source. That is one thing bloggers have to learn when using their blogs to earn extra income, even if they do not need that money.

    Ed’s last blog post..Defacing of Social Media

  2. Haha yes I agree on the term PROCLAIMED member count, after all, everything is just talk. Even if the proclaimed member count is true, it fails to take into account active users. Many things to take note actually.

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