Giving credit to Anti-Smoking Ads

In the past few years, we have been talking about transport problems, problems regarding Advertising Companies , blabla. It’s time for The Ignorantsoup to give some credit when credit is due. Especially in the case when people earn peanuts, sometimes peanut earners do good stuff too.

I’m talking about the anti-smoking ads. From since I can remember, the Health Ministry has been playing some part in trying to reduce the number of smokers, by using anti-smoking advertisements as a shock tactic to make people think twice before puffing that cigarette.

The first few advertisements I remember was of the shock kind. They put photos, scary ones no doubt, on cigarette packs, so that people look at the photos before they open the box. Television ads were those that show the brain of a smoker and non smoker, with the blood oozing out (or is that tar..blood I think) from the smoker’s brains. Or the amount of tar that comes out of a smoker’s lungs. Disgusting, but effective in ensuring that I will never touch any cigarette.

The next kind was the one that we had recently. The one about Mohd Abdooh (I hope I spelled his name correctly, I’m sorry if I didn’t), where he bravely came on television to personally urge people not to smoke or else they will end up like them. After he passed away, his wife continued the series of ads which, if I remember correctly, portrays the mood that dreams can be fulfilled if he had not died due to excessive smoking.

The latest one was the chronic lung problem man. It shows a FPS, First Person Shooter Smoker, view where the guy has problems with even pouring a cup of coffee for himself. Then it goes to show in Third Person view of the unlucky man who smoked and earned himself this sad disease.

Don’t you think that there has been plenty of effort to deal with such health issues? Even the dengue ads are playing frequently. I’m not going to discuss if they are effective, or whether they are a waste of tax payers money. I’m saying that we should give them credit because they come up with something, and stuck to it for so long, trying to make us stop smoking or breeding mosquitoes.

What have others done except to raise ERP charges? Or to ask us to take public transport when the public transport is horrendous at certain hours? Hence, let us for once, be appreciative of these series of smoking related ads, and try our best to ensure that our future generation will not pick up this ghastly habit.

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