Time to change the blogskin!

This layout has been with me for over a year or so if I remember correctly. The past few layouts I have done are all not fully completed due to my own laziness. This time, since it is the holiday season, I shall create a newer personal layout for myself.

This time, I will learn more about WordPress functions, and then I shall proceed on to configure even my comments page, which I have always neglected to edit. I shall organize everything more properly, perhaps reconfigure my categories and organize them into sub categories, or do a tag cloud, blabla. Perhaps twitter?

I also need to reconfigure my blogroll, because the blogs that I faithfully read are increasing in number, and perhaps I shall add a sub-blogroll of Pingsters whose blog I read?

I will also go and change my wordpress to version 2.5. The installatron doesn’t seem to support 2.5 yet, so perhaps I will do it manually.

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