Made of Honour Review

Made of Honour

I went to watch Made Of Honour (external link: Wiki) yesterday with my parents at Jurong Point. I must say that it’s a pretty nice movie, though the ending is cliché. I think you can guess the ending because I guessed it too. Let’s just say that such love stories usually end with them going happily ever after. But, the way it ended is really cliché. That, I leave it to you all to watch or guess. Give comments and I will verify.

Basically, Tom, the leading man, is a Casanova. He sleeps with girls every day of the week, and one of his rules is that no consecutive girls in the same week. This means, 7 days a week, 7 different girls to go to bed to. His best friend is Hannah, a girl, whom he cherishes the friendship with and hence does not have any sex with her.

When Hannah goes to Scotland on a business trip, he finds that his life is boring. The girls of his life does not satisfy him (not sexually, but I mean they just cannot replace Hannah in his life as his close friend). That is when he realizes that he can’t do without Hannah. He decides to confess his feelings for her when she comes back, but when she does, he discovers that some bloke proposed to her (only knowing each other for weeks) and she agreed.

He becomes her maid of honour, and tries to sabotage the relationship. Ok, maybe not sabotage, but what he does is to make her feel that he is the one who understands her, not him. She starts to realize the difference too in the middle of the movie, when the Scottish man she is marrying hunts deer, and she herself is pretty anti-violence towards animals.

In the end the two of them get together of course, but how I shall not say. But they do get together and live happily ever after.

I rate this movie a 8/10 based on the funny parts of the movie, as well as the feelings and thoughts that I have after I watched it.

My own thoughts and feelings

After watching this movie, I felt that perhaps it is always good to have close female friends, and have this period of seriously understanding each other first before getting attached and deciding to get married? I realize that teenagers tend to have a wrong view of what love is, and their relationships end up really shaky. Hence I thought it is important to make sure you know who you are loving?

I thought it was rather sweet too that they progressed from good friends to best mates for life. But let’s not kid ourselves, sometimes that is hard to get. I mean, how much time do you have to cultivate a good friendship with a particular person, and what are the chances that both may be compatible as a couple? One may be close friends but not best mates for life.

But of course, I too, realized how inferior I am. Even though I am not a Cassanova (effectively I should rank better than Tom), but I do not have a life. As you see, Tom (other than the sex life), has friends and they go play basketball together..blabla. But I don’t really meet up with my own friends that much to even exercise? Nor go on parties together, visit other friends blabla. Somehow, I’m a total geek. Gah.

Anyway this is a pretty interesting movie despite it’s ending. If you have cash to spare, do watch it. It’s a nice romantic comedy. One of my favourite genres.

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