Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I watched this movie yesterday with my “Royal Family” clique comprising of godsis Cheng Ying, as well as Michelle and Taiman. We met at Vivocity and Taiman actually got lost. We were supposed to have dinner together at Kopitiam but he ended up walking to HarbourFront and then found GV before Kopitiam. Hence he bought the hot dog from the GV Candy Bar.

Anyway the movie “started” at 6.45pm, but it was full of advertisements (GV leh), hence it only started proper about 20 minutes later. The real movie lasted about 2 hours, and by 9pm the movie was showing the credits.

This movie is the fourth installation of the Indiana Jones series, and it is much hyped over. The first was Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost ark, then Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, then Indiana Jones and the last crusade. I very much preferred the last one (The Last Crusade), and after watching the movie, I still think The Last Crusade is better.

What can I say? I feel that the movie is a little too short to satisfy. Come on, Indiana Jones has been MIA since 1989, and all we can do is this? The hype balloon is claimed to be much bigger than it really is. But, I don’t think Harrison Ford is too old. He’s a great actor and fits the Indiana Jones character really well. The problem does not lie with him, but with the plot. If, the plot is thicker, perhaps I will find it deserving of the hype.

The movie seems to be very much action. Perhaps I just enjoyed the mysteries of the Last Crusade better than this latest one. However, even if I enjoyed the 3rd better than the 4th, let it be known that I enjoyed myself very much with this movie too. The plot is good, just that it could be better and longer (satisfying fans worldwide).

As a whole, I’m rating this a 7.5/10. It’s a good movie to catch, especially if you have been faithfully, like me, watching the past 3 Wednesday’s Channel 5 re-runs of Indiana Jones.

10 thoughts on “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

  1. Haha..7.5/10 is roughly 3.75/5..Not much difference. Haha. I think the plot is a little confusing though, couldn’t get it until I started remembering and thinking how pieces fit together.

  2. the movie shows why wanting to know too much is a bad thing. maybe staying relatively ignorant is a better choice… =P

  3. Haha saying me ah? The russian too cocky liao..too much information overload then disintegrate.haha

  4. Hmm actually I always wonder what’s the difference between digital and non digital. As far as I know, price is same right? Hmm.. Supposedly better quality? Haha. I have no idea actually. I suppose the sound system will be better?

    I guess, yes, from the past 3 movies, we are anticipating something better. A stronger plot, better effects blabla. Nonetheless, it’s not a bad Indiana Jones movie.

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