Companies playing a part in Charity

Things are changing. Companies are evolving. Some companies are getting into social media, getting bloggers to attend their events and play with their products. Other companies are becoming more socially conscious, or even environmentally conscious. It is not strange to see a company having a policy on charity. At least one online advertising company is playing it’s part by giving members the chance to show advertisements for public service? (See Google Adsense).

The other day I went back to my former company JD Power Asia Pacific and I noticed that they have this volunteering day, where employees can volunteer to do charitable or community work for the entire day instead of staying in the company and work. Such is an example of how companies can also do their part for charities.

However, whilst watching the charity shows on the 25th of May (the last past Sunday), I realized that one company isn’t exactly very “nice”. We all know that we can call specific numbers to donate a specific sum to the charity organization, or in this case, donate the money to a fund for the Orphans of the Si Chuan earthquake. We also know that we have to pay a 20cents charge to the telecommunications provider as charges for the call.

I wonder, why are we being charged that 20 cents? It’s not that I’m being a miser, but we are doing charity, are we not? Can’t the company do some charitable deeds by providing a toll free number? I hate to think that a company is profiteering from our pity and kind heartedness. Imagine the amount of money they will earn just based on the few hours that night!

I mean, it makes no sense if they say they are also going to donate the 20cents to charity isn’t it? We might as well declare at the very beginning that its $6.20 instead of $6, and call it a toll free line. Hence, it is just used as revenue isn’t it? Profiteering from other people’s pity towards the earthquake victims?

Sad I say. Sometimes, we can just waive the 20 cents, and we won’t gain so much bad karma. Profiting from pity has got to be one of the worse things one can do.

2 thoughts on “Companies playing a part in Charity

  1. Yeah there is. Which makes it all worst. Is this a fund raising event or a profit revenue raising event. I hate to see companies profiting from charity shows. It makes it seem so unethical.

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