How I know I got too stressed

The examination results for Semester 2 is coming in 2 days time on the 30th of May, and I know I’m stressed out over it. The last time I had a dream that I got 2 Cs and I felt utterly terrible. Just last night I had another dream which made me feel that I am seriously too stressed out.

The reason why I think it’s a sign of stress is because it has the essence of 2 dramas and 1 anime that I just watched. 2 dramas being 仙剑奇侠传 and Hana Kimi (the review will be posted tomorrow). The anime is Bleach, which I have been consistently watching.

The dream started in 古装, which means those Olden Chinese costumes. The army was marching, headed by 唐钰小宝. (See, told you it’s weird. That guy’s from Xian Jian). As we walked on towards I don’t know where, an arrow came and landed beside someone’s leg. In Hana Kimi, they send Osaka High’s newsletter via arrow with the newsletter tied to the arrow. (Don’t ask me, it’s weird). Then we got ambushed and were captured as prisoners of war.

Don’t ask me why but we got captured by Japanese. (Must be the Japan dramas). I was holding on to an important artefact, and the Japanese demanded that I give it to them. I refused, and they tried to wrestle it out of me and suddenly, (like Bleach), I released my Bankai. I know, it’s weird. So they were all killed, and someone tried to escape. I even used Senbonzakura to transport the escapee back to my front.

I know all these isn’t going to make sense, but the dream is a mash up of 3 different shows. It must be the stress. I couldn’t think of what other reason for me to dream of that. Or, perhaps, the almighty is telling me that I’m a Shinigami in disguise? Hahaha.

I think I’m mad. 2 days to d-day.

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