An ice cream treat on results day and an unlucky Saturday

Well I guess I’ll start updating on my own life here at this blog, I guess it is important to remember certain issues that happened in my life.

Just yesterday, I met the NJ Clique comprising of Dominic, Zong Yao, Waikit, Jia Hao and I at 2.45pm at Marina Square Swensens outlet. I know, we are supposed to meet at 2.30pm, but the all other than Dom SMSed me to say that they will be late, so I just ended up walking slower and enjoying the aircon. Turned out that I became the latest. Haha.

Anyway the ice cream treat was probably a mad idea by me to have ice cream whilst checking for our results. The NUS results were released for us at 3pm, and we used Dominic’s notebook and Wireless@SG (thank goodness it worked there). We were feeling a great sense of nervousness as we checked our results one by one. Oh did I mention that we were there for the last day of the 1 for 1 Ice Cream Sundae promotion? Hence it become “half-price” for us.

Talking about the results, it was a significant disappointment. I must say, I am “happy” for my worst subject because after taking the paper, I thought I would be gone, since the bulk of the stuff I do not really know, and I wrote a wrong choice for the polymer in part III. Hence I thought I would get a C+ or something, but thankfully I didn’t.

3 other subjects scored worst than expectation though. The first one was a subject I liked, programming, and I actually put in plenty of effort in doing the Take Home Labs, the Sit In Labs as well as the practical exam. I thought I could score, but perhaps other people scored better, and I simply lost to Mr Bell. Ironic that I ate Ding-a-ling-a-ling for the ice cream. Bell’s making fun of me. (On the other hand, if you are taking EG1108, eating that MAY help. Since you can pwn the prof. LOL). The second one is a subject I took in A levels and got A for it. I didn’t get the A now and I’m quite disgusted at myself. It was supposed to be a CAP puller. On second thoughts, it is a CAP puller since I would be worse off if I S/Ued it. But it’s still a disappointment. The third and final one is one that I would have expected to get if I didn’t feel that I had hope after the final paper. It’s because of the final paper, and that I discovered I could do most of the questions, and even the tough proving questions, that I expected more. I feel that this subject is the least of my disappointment since it’s not due to pass successes or interests.

So what can I say? If you want to ask me my grades, let’s just say that I passed. It isn’t something to be happy about since it pulled my CAP (DOWNWARDS). But I guess there is always next sem, where I should end up taking 6 mods and pursue a minor. Judging by my consistency in Math, I should try the Math minor, or should I? Or should I take the Info system’s minor? I don’t know.

Anyway after the results checking and the wonderful ice cream at Swensens, we proceeded to the Bowling alley where Zong Yao and Dominic played 2 games each. The other three of us were too slack, and I must admit I do not have much interest in bowling, plus I should save some money for future outings. Already my previous colleague asked me out for a movie next week, and my Army friends are organizing a meeting on the 4th of June. Hence there is much to save for. Nelson may be back in the middle of June to save me from my boredom bring food for his two brothers here in Singapore, and I would need to spend more money again.

Now for the unlucky Saturday. Firstly I didn’t manage to sleep till it was 11+. I tried to sleep at 10pm. I remember waking up at 12+, and then finally at 5am when I couldn’t sleep again. Total amount of sleep? About 6 hours. (Less than that since I slept at 11+ not 11 sharp) My Casio watch’s strap broke (impending signal of doom).

Dad fetched me to Maju Camp, thank goodness, else I would have to take the bus myself and wake up even earlier. Was the first detail and everything finished in an hour or so. I sprained my neck after sit ups and had to do shuttle run and the 2.4 with a stiff neck. I failed my 2.4 in the end by 8 seconds. So I just failed. I will probably either re take or go for RT. Ah well.

Not to mention that on my way back home, whilst walking outside Maju Camp, a portion of the sole of my favourite (bestest) running shoes came out. I will have to find a way to stick it back. Haiz. Oh well, it was an unlucky Saturday. Let’s hope that the rest of the Saturday today will be much better!

Cheer me up?

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