Explaning 20 cents + GST for charity show donations

Singtel has written a response letter today to The Straits Times forum, explaining why there’s a 20 cents extra charge for a charity show. Apparently, it has to do with the 1900 telepoll service.

After reading this, I think this is a big smoke. Bottom line is, “As a business, we exercise care and prudence in meeting the needs of all our stakeholders.” What this means is Singtel cares about its profits.

Anything below that sentence is just to show how charitable Singtel actually is, which is not really needed because they are profiteering from charity calls. Of which is a huge ethical issue.

The main question in my head is, who does Singtel pay for the 1900 telepoll service? Do they pay some global body or the government? Or it a service they provide themselves? Hmm. After knowing this answer, perhaps we can then decide for ourselves how we look at Singtel.

SingTel explains call charges for charity show
I REFER to Wednesday’s letter, ‘Charity show – pay to donate’ by Mr James Wong. We thank Mr Wong for this opportunity to clarify the charging principle of the Telepoll service.

Event organisers pay a fee for using the 1900 Telepoll service.

The fee comprises a fixed charge and a usage fee.

The organisers decide if the usage fee is to be borne by themselves or the callers.

As a business, we exercise care and prudence in meeting the needs of all our stakeholders.

Under SingTel’s umbrella philanthropy programme, the SingTel Touching Lives Fund, we donated $2.4 million to charities last year.

Since its launch in 2002, we have raised a total of $12.7 million for 18 charities affiliated to the National Council of Social Service.

We have recently donated S$200,000 to help China’s relief and reconstruction efforts after the earthquake in the Sichuan province.

SingTel, through our wholly owned subsidiary NCS which has operations in Chengdu, is working with the local authorities to help families and those affected by the earthquake.

We thank Mr Wong for his feedback and support for the quake victims.

Cheam Tze Hui (Ms)
Corporate Communications Manager,

One thought on “Explaning 20 cents + GST for charity show donations

  1. The best donation Singtel can give is simply to waive the admin fee. The additional fee is something extra that Singtel is earning and I don’t think it is ethical to earn money from the kindness of others.

    Ravons last blog post..When Your Eyes Twitch

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