Reading books and attaining a sense of calm

I have been borrowing and reading books lately, be it fiction or non fiction. Somehow I found myself lost in a familiar world where I can put down all my troubles and be a happier person. It’s something that I haven’t been doing for a long time especially when the semester is in session.

When it’s semester time, there is usually not enough time to read books. Or rather, even the time that I have is broken into too small parts here and there that reading is not so pleasurable any more. During semester time, I read textbooks. Perhaps during the first two weeks when tutorials are not balloted yet, I can find some time to read. However once tutorials come into play, I have to do tutorials and revision. When mid term comes, all hell breaks loose because the finals usually come in 6 weeks or so. There is not much time for me to get engrossed over a nice book of fiction.

Hence now that I’m in the holidays, I begin to re-integrate myself with the world of books. Books allow me to think of something else for a long period of time, not to mention that I won’t need to stare at a screen and cause my eyes to squint after a long period of time.

Books take my mind of things, off my troubles, my concerns. Books bring me to this world where there is a sense of calm everywhere, and I am at peace with myself. I’m really happy to get lost in this world occasionally. I think I’m becoming a bookworm again. 🙂 That is good right? After all, it’s a healthy way to be at ease.

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