The Third Secret By Steve Berry

I borrowed this from the library a week or two ago. I wasn’t looking at that particular section of the shelf, but when my eyes scanned past I thought I saw a “Da Vinci” or so, and I just picked the book up. The front page of this book has a quote from The Roanoke Times saying “Da Vinci Code fans will flock to this story…. An excellent, tightly plotted thriller.”

I was curious and in need of a nice read, so I borrowed it. All I can say is that I was then bound to the book and only able to stop reading to go for my daily online activities.

This book is primarily set in the Vatican, and the story include Popes, Papal Secretaries and people trying to be pope. It’s a fascinating read. It’s about the current pope being obsessed with this sheet of paper containing the third secret from a seer. Apparently, Virgin Mary came to her and two other people and spoke to them. Of which the first two secrets were revealed but the last was not.

It’s about how the Pope sent his Papal Secretary to investigate certain elements, and how the third secret will change the church forever. Also present in this book is the hidden scheme of an evil cardinal who plots to become Pope when the current one dies (he committed suicide).

The author also ended off with an author’s note, and he specificially mentioned which parts were fiction, and it is interesting to note that the “secrets” were real, as in people did see the mother of God and passed on the message etc. It is also interesting to know that older customs require the Carmenlengo needing to knock three times on the dead Pope’s head with a silver hammer and asking if the Pope has died.

I feel that this is an interesting read, particularly when the Da Vinci Code has spurred an interest in reading anything to do with the Vatican. Perhaps I should do more readings on the Vatican and understand the church better. I always wonder why the official church is a Catholic Church, but there are so many branches of teachings like Protestants (is that spelled correctly?) blabla. And why does it matter with the means of communicating through to God, via Jesus or Virgin Mary? I don’t know, I should read more. Or anyone can explain?

Overall it’s a pretty neat book to read. I will definitely go and borrow other Steve Barry’s books. I am looking forward to reading “The Templar Legacy”. πŸ™‚

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