Densha Otoko – A touching JDrama

Densha Otoko

I watched this JDrama initially because my favourite Jap actress was inside, but actually she only played a very minor role. However from the first episode onwards I was hooked, and I must admit, this is a good touching drama that anyone should watch when they have time. However, there are certain points in time when it’s getting too draggy and slow.

The entire drama is 11 episodes, with two more separate episodes, the first being the “Another Ending” where they show the love stories of the supporting casts, as well as the Guitar Otoko, who is actually Densha Otoko’s Otaku friend aka as Sea Turtle. The second is the SP (Special), where Densha Otoko is hunted by a company and at the same time, he wants to prove his love to Saori. The special is quite touching in my own opinion.

The main story is like this. Densha Otoko is a nickname for Yamada-san, who is an Otaku. An Otaku is someone who’s obsessed with anime blabla and has many figurines at home. In short, being an Otaku is rather “derogatory” in nature because people think you are weird and somehow you will feel that Otaku’s are a lower caste.

Yamada-san, on his way home, saw a pretty lady, Saori-san. A drunk came to disturb her, and he plucked up the courage to voice out and stop the drunk. As a result, Saori asks for Yamada’s address and sent him a present of two Hermes Cups.

Yamada, who’s like any normal guy who feels inferior, wants help and turns to a message board or forum and the participants there helped him with many things, like the Densha Otoko remodeling project, where he changes his image before meeting Saori-san for the first date, as well as giving him courage to call Saori-san.

Through the 11 episodes, there are many ups and downs, and Yamada-san proves his love and concern in many different touching ways. In fact, I understand why Saori-san will fall in love with an Otaku, because he is really sincere. I’m sure he puts many men to shame. I know it’s a drama, but it’s based on a real story. Densha Otoko happened in Japan and they made it into a drama. Furthermore, the things he did, (other than the SP which is purely fiction) are not those out of the world kind, but simple actions that really touch people. He gives hope because it doesn’t matter how tall you are, or how handsome you look, you can always win the heart of the fair maiden.

I’m really touched after watching the whole series including the SP, and I think people should watch it too. So watch it, and feel.

7 thoughts on “Densha Otoko – A touching JDrama

  1. It seems that Otaku’s are not really that bad. It just means fan. An anime otaku is an anime fan. 🙂 Interested people can read Wiki.

  2. i thought the movie was better, because i didn’t really like the male lead in the drama=P

    but it’s suppose to be a true story, and i heard that in the real life, the real Hermes looks like the female lead in the movie. that’s why the director cast this actress as the lead in the movie.

    yukas last blog post..vices that we singaporeans SHOULD correct

  3. Oh there’s a movie version? Haha. I shall try to hunt for it online. The male lead of the drama isn’t exactly good looking as compared to other dramas where they typically put in more handsome actors. But I guess that’s what makes it all sweeter. Haha and that is the reason why I’m appreciative of this Densha-Hermes relationship. I wonder if Densha’s real identity is ever revealed though. Haha. And whether they lived happily ever after.

  4. Haha well can’t find the stream, but wiki says it’s the same story actually, so not much point also. Onward to other JDrama.

  5. Well for me, the existance of this Real Otaku is highly doubtful, infact anything that is being brought up to the media are. Maybe its just merely a cook up character, his posts in CH2 bulletin board is trustable but it could just be his very own fantasies and that he just wants to avoid being lonely or to gain satisfaction from knowing that so many people are actually helping on his non-existance project. As for the producers claiming that they contacted the real Otaku is highly questionable. This will only deceive and add trust to those who are non skeptical about this story. I have watched the movie version and would really like to believe its true as well because its such a beautiful story and btw this kind of fairytale will never happen in the MRT or anywhere else. Singaporean girls are way too “high class” to accept an Otaku unless maybe that Otaku is from a millionaire family.

  6. Hi k80sg, thanks for commenting. I have no idea whether this is a true story or not, and no one other than the production team + the guy himself will know whether if it’s true. No matter whether it is true, or whether its some cooked up fantasy by a bored guy in an online forum, I must say that it is indeed very touching if it happens in real life. What I believe is that the essence of it, meaning the process of going to forums blabla is perhaps the most probability to be true, and other stuff are added to spice things up in a drama, and that happens all the time.

    This Densha Otaku thing is difficult to happen in SG because of many reasons. For one, I think we do not have instances of drunks making such a fuss, or rather I have not met one yet. 😛 Secondly, I think we don’t really meet up strangers just like that, neither do we send gifts to someone’s house. Values are different I guess.

    I do not dare to say that Singaporean girls are way too high class, because one bad apple does not spoil the basket. I believe in Singapore there are girls that are not like that. 🙂

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