New Blog Skin

I finally took the time this morning to come up with a design. It’s a rather simple one and I spent the whole afternoon configuring it. This is the first time in my life that I have done a full configuration of all the wordpress stuff that I want.

I went to read the template tags page at to find out how to do things like add the count to show how many posts per category. I also changed the archives to a drop down menu. I have also added a tag cloud and configured my sidebar to put the links from the blogroll in wordpress. As you can see now, I have put up my friends sites, as well as that of selected Pingsters whom I read.

I have also styled the comments properly. I finally found out how to style the comments such that my own comments are styled differently.

This time too, I have stuck to minimal colours, other than the masthead part. The main colours are green and orange. If there is any problem, do let me know, colours could be darkened or lightened.

The main theme of this skin is actually my life, and I designed the masthead to be that way. They show my interests, such as JDrama (the girl’s Horikita Maki), as well as the Anime I watch, Bleach. Other interests include reading books, doing some PHP and making my websites. Not to mention blogging, as well as hanging out with friends.

Upon Jiahao’s request, I have also darkened the links. Hopefully it’s better now. 🙂

I’m pretty happy with this simple design. Life should be simple and less complicated, don’t you think? I’ll end off with a nice photo:

Horikita Maki


4 thoughts on “New Blog Skin

  1. Nice clean look, congrats!


    – Change the fonts, use a standard one. Current one looks ‘jagged’ in my browser

    – I thought the image headers was ‘linked’. The bulleted text within the image are usually used for that, linking

    cheers 🙂

  2. Hi, Thanks for the comments. I’ve changed the font, hopefuly it’s much better. I do agree with the headers though. After I created the image, I too feel that they look clickable. Haha, well I would try to think of another design for the image header and make it less confusing! 🙂

  3. Hi Kenneth!

    Hahah, it looks nice =) Very clean, simple, with pleasing colours that are easy on the eyes. Guess its always good to go back to the basics =) And yes, the icons and pictures at the top do look clickable….i kept clicking them till i realised that they aren’t actually…..clickable..hahahha

    =) Take care Kenneth! =) and i do hope you’ll keep smiling. haha =)

  4. Hi Alan,

    Yeah that’s my aim, so it means this skin is good. I shall use it for at least a year. Haha. Hmm yeah the image looks like a navigation thing more than anything. But till now haven’t got any inspiration yet. Perhaps I will temporary change it to something else first whilst I think of something. Haha.

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