JDrama: Liar Game

Liar Game

Kanzaki Nao is a really honest and innocent citizen. She is probably the most innocent character ever in all of Drama-world. I mean, at the start, they show how innocent she is by showing her returning a 100 yen coin she found to the police station, and making a police report for it. A 100 yen is probably about 1 US dollar? However the best nonsense got to be her receiving a prank call about her brother having some trouble, and she actually believed it till she realized she’s an only child. -_-"

All the troubles begin when Nao receives a package containing a letter and a 100 million yen (equivalent to a million USD). The moment she opened the letter, it is deemed that she is voluntarily participating in this game called the Liar Game .

In the first round, she has to cheat her opponent of as much money as possible. At the end of 30 days, the Liar Game team will return to collect a 100 million yen from both participants, and any money left over will be the prize money. Hence, the cheated victim will have to get a loan to pay back the money.

She gets cheated immediately because her opponent was her former teacher, and she actually handed over a 100 million yen to him to put in the bank "later". With the help of a convicted swindler Akiyama Shinichi, she manages to get the 100 million yen back, as well as successfully win another 100 million yen as prize money. But due to her innocent nature, she saves her former teacher by giving him back the 100 million yen.

That, is the first round of the liar game. Nao actually ends up in a few more rounds. She proceeded to the 2nd round because she couldn’t pay the opt out fee (she returned it to the teacher) and by some turn of events, Akiyama took over another participant to end up with Nao again. There is a reason why Akiyama helps Nao so much, and is in the sub-plot I won’t reveal.

Basically the second round is Minority Voting. As long as one votes in the minority, he/she is safe. Else, he/she will leave and incur a 100 million yen debt. It sounds disgustingly dangerous, but by Akiyama’s strategy it seems actually easy. It’s all mathematics and trying to find a way to last till the end.

Nao finishes and manages to exit from Liar Game. Some events lead her to go to the resurrection round, which is the restructuring game. By voting who to keep in the game, the person with the least number of votes will be restructured, and won’t have a chance to pay back the 100million yen incurred in the former round.

Nao eventually ends up in round 3, a smuggling game which I don’t know how to describe. Eventually Nao manages to create a win-win situation, and wins over certain selfish people to get a harmonious result for everyone to draw.

Liar Game is exciting and you may get irritated because the people there are so bad to innocent Nao. The main moral of the story is, if everyone works together and not backstab each other for selfish reasons, everyone can be saved. It’s those selfish people that spoils everyone’s chances by wanting to earn more money.

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