Being Happy

I suddenly have this feeling, that the main purpose in life is to be happy. Happiness does not mean having the fastest car in the world, or living in private property, or being the top student of a particular school. Happiness is truly being yourself and having people respect you for who you are. Happiness can also be simple, like someone special preparing you a special bento (lunch box). It may not taste super delicious, but it sure warms the heart, doesn’t it?

But why are we not doing such special small actions? Have we been too influenced by what is society’s perceived value of success? Day in day out we in Singapore have been far too influenced by what it means to be successful, in a way being brainwashed and we can’t really see and understand that some things arn’t a good gauge of success at all.

A few years ago was the generation of 5Cs, Cash, Car, Condo, Club, Credit Card. Is that what is truly important? Do we have to have a truckload of cash, or the best car? Or live in a Condominium? Or having a club? Being happy is being contented, isn’t it? Even will all the wealth one can have, does it make anyone contented? It doesn’t give it automatically. Truly, it is a great deal to be able to achieve the wealth, but we do not need to feel jealous or insecure of ourselves because we do not have that wealth. Or that club membership. What’s the use of a club membership if we are not interested in using the facilities to enjoy ourselves?

In the past few years, the nonsense about paying athletes from all over the world to come to Singapore, get a Singapore Citizenship and then play for Singapore and win medals. Are they all truly important? What is the meaning of sports? Isn’t sports more of a game? A process of enjoying what you enjoy? Or even a process to better oneself by hard work? Which is more important? The process of working for a medal, whether you get one or not, or getting a medal? What’s the point of getting the medal if many aspiring Singaporean born and bred athletes are missing out on the fun because someone else is paid to access the training facilities, edging them out in the process?

Or are we a nation where we see results as the measure of success, of which if we get medals, it brings us glory, even though we did not use true Singaporeans? Personally, I feel that it is best to acknowledge whatever talent that young Singaporeans have, and support them in whatever they do. They may not emerge as the top 3 table tennis champions in the Olympics or the South East Asian Games, but through the process of working hard and trying hard, they will achieve something better than winning a medal, isn’t it?

Why have we all allowed ourselves to measure success by results? True, it is important to have a goal. The goal can be to win a medal, or to be the top student. Whatever works. No matter what goals we have, as long as we achieve those goals and be happy, we are successful. We should stop all those comparing. What’s the point of showing that we can win medals when in the end they are “foreign talents”? There is no Singapore pride and no Singapore identity, and it’s not our fault that we feel that way towards our sports. Events like sailing should be commended more because they succeed through hard work, the Singapore way.

Now as I reflect upon my life, I wonder, am I truly successful? Have I also been blinded by certain ideals of my life, in which I have neglected to find true happiness within myself? Or to find that inner peace lurking inside me? What do I truly want? That, I have to find out. I have to walk my own road, and live my own life. All I know is, if I want, I shall do it. Life is too short for regrets. Agree?

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