JDrama: Galileo


Galileo, isn’t about the real Galileo. Galileo is more of a nickname for a brilliant professor in one of Japan’s universities. His name is Yukawa Manabu and he has been helping his ex classmate with police work. After his ex classmate got promoted, a rookie who took over him, Utsumi Kaoru continued bugging Yukawa for his help.

Galileo is super smart, and he can scientifically solve many different crimes and understand how things work in a scientific manner. One of the episodes even show resonance when the water gushing through the pipe has a frequency that matches the natural frequency of the house, creating large vibrational motion.

One thing I don’t understand is how can he always find something to calculate and write equations on? I distinctively saw a dx/dt in one of the episodes.

The episodes are mainly standalone, so you can watch them alone. Only episodes 9 and 10 are linked, and it’s because its the finale so there is a bigger case. In the last case, Galileo is faced with a Nuclear Ticking Bomb that is set to explode in 3 hours. In that 3 hours, he can actually do many things that fascinates me and convinced me that it is truly a remarkable work of fiction. I mean, how can you solve something faster than the computer. Especially when you have to type things like fprintf();.

This JDrama has many scientific elements inside, though I cannot confirm that they are true, though that of the resonance is true in a way that I’ve learnt it before, from JC and now in University. I suppose they have some element of truth.

Maki had a cameo in Episode 6, but the amount of screen time is zentei ni little. Not that it’s a must to have her act, but if there is eye candy, why not? Jiahao also informed me that some famous actress also acted in the series, in particular in Episode 7 as the beautiful wife.

If you have time, perhaps you should watch Galileo? However, some people may think it’s boring. That, I cannot guarantee. That’s amusing though. ^_^

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