Sponsored Review: FAST easySafe

Data security is an important issue these days. As the world becomes more and more advanced, we find ourselves spending a greater amount of time on our computers. We use the computers for work, as well as for leisure, and some people use their computers to store some personal pictures (*sly smile*). No matter what you are going to use your computer for, there are sometimes you wish that you could add a layer of protection towards certain data.

But why should we need to add this layer of protection? I mean, in modern Operating Systems, the first level of lock is the User Accounts, and you have to type in the password to enter isn’t it? But what will happen if you are going off for a cup of coffee? The default answer, is that we can lock up our computers isn’t it? That way, you have to key in your password before you can unlock the computer.

That, to me, is a false sense of security. In a way, I apply the more-is-good policy. I mean, if I have sensitive data, I would want as much protection as possible, isn’t it? You may lock your doors and windows, but if you have a few thousand dollars in your home, you may consider getting a safe to put the money isn’t it? Hence, more security is beneficial. After all, we have to consider many what-ifs. What if someone managed to guess at the user account password? Someone may give you a trojan and the trojan may have keylogging functions. Hence, that is why easySafe makes much sense.

When you use easySafe, you have to provide two different items before the computer will unlock the virtual disc drive. I say virtual because it’s like having a D drive inside the C drive harddisc. To unlock the files, you need your own password, as well as the “key” which is actually a USB device that comes with easySafe. With the key plugged in to the USB port, and with the successful typing of the password, your virtual disc drive will then appear in the “My Computer” section. In a way, people will not know that you have those kind of photos even when they look at My Computer, and secondly, they need to know both your password and get your “key” to access all those photos. Unless you’re a celebrity, I say that it’s not worth the effort just to get you in those compromising shots.


Installation of easySafe, it seems, is very easy. Just plug in the key, type in the pin and you may create a virtual disc drive with a click. Just double click the disc drive in “My Computer” and you can drag and drop files into the virtual disc drive. For a video showing you all these, go to Tech65.

To me, easySafe seems to be a user friendly way of adding an extra protection around your sensitive data. You don’t have to be good with software or know how to program in C++ to be able to use this software.

The question boils down to this: Do you have certain files you wish to have more protection for? Apart from compromising photos, what about those MSN message logs that you have with your mistress friend? Or those Japanese pron files you downloaded from BitTorrent? Or just the new business plan you have that you fear your competitor may try to get? Whether legal or illegal, or morally right or wrong, an added level of protection is always better. Why not try easySafe?

easySafe can be purchased at the following places:

  1. E2000 shop at Funan #05-02.
  2. Tec-Drome Technology at Sim Lim Square #05-78 and #06-74.
  3. IMM Challenger L2-49.

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