Why I love M1

M1 has been in the “limelight” recently, a positive limelight I would say. They have kicked off the You Deserve Better campaign where they get feedback from mobile users in Singapore, whether you are with M1 or not. The campaign has long been over, and they have come up with many different plans that are “catered” to our needs.

I must say I’m a little skeptical. The amount of feedback they gather is very little. If I remember correctly, there are only 2 parts (other than your basic information), which the first is being something like what do you think telcos should improve, and the second being an open ended on suggestions. To me, they may have already planned out the service plans they are going to launch before actually launching them. In a way, it feels like they value our feedback. But whether or not this is what they did does not matter. The end result is that they achieved their aim, and they have launched new plans to cater for different people.

My 21st month with M1 is ending on the 23rd of June. If I do an upgrade now, I have to pay a $100 more. Since I knew I would be busy from 23rd onwards, I wondered if I could do an early upgrade. The M1 shop says that I can do the upgrade without the $100 surcharge, since it’s only a week more to go. However, the phone that I wanted costs $168 in the M1 Shop, vs $98 if I buy it online or via phone. (Delivery is free too).

Hence it makes more sense to purchase via the online shop. However, computers are dead and they don’t make mistakes, neither do they have any human feelings. The online shop forced me to pay $198, which I do not want to pay. Hence I just emailed their customer relations department to explain my situation and ask if I could do an early upgrade. They replied a few hours later on the same day, telling that I can now proceed to do a purchase via phone, and they have granted me approval for early upgrade, and that they have input that via the system so the representative at the other end of the phone will know of this.

I called the M1 Shop phone number, and was made to wait for a representative to talk to me. Whilst it took some time to wait, the lady at the end of the line, Tracy, was very nice and polite. She listened to what I had to say and asked correct questions. I didn’t even have to finish explaining that I spoke to customer relations. The whole process was completed in a fast an efficient manner. She explained that the earliest time for delivery will be the next day, and gave me the time that I could select. Everything was conducted in a fast and efficient manner.

Thanks to their quick and efficient customer service, I solved my problem within a day. Now, when they tell me “you deserve better” and that they listen, I really believe. It’s these kind of fast, prompt and polite service that gives a customer the satisfaction to continue allowing a company to provide the service. I will definitely continue with M1 all the way, unless their customer policy changes. As I see it, M1 is definitely superior to Starhub in terms of coverage. My old provider was Starhub. I did not use Singtel, so I cannot speak about Singtel.

Thanks M1!

/*Updates: The M1 guy came over at 2.15pm. The time they told me was 2-4pm. Well done M1*/

8 thoughts on “Why I love M1

  1. Very good review; solid reasoning.

    Advice for your blog:
    (1) add a homepage link to your logo (top left)
    (2) show your name (could be a nickname) to make your blog more personal.


  2. Hi thanks for commenting.

    Hmm the homepage link is to the right of the logo under “Blog”. The nickname is Ignorantsoup ma..hahaha..not very sure what you mean.

  3. The people at M1 really are nice. I had to cancel my M1 subscription and I found nothing but good customer service even during cancellation process.

    However, their mobile broadband infrastructure is really quite inadequate. Maybe it will be fixed with time, but until they commit to providing an open architecture and unlimited service, they are not providing something that any technologically serious person would want.

    cneils last blog post..ST. LOUIS IS FLOODED

  4. @ceil: Yes I would say their customer service is great. When I was at the real M1 Shop, as in the place not the online one, the person was really nice to inform me how to purchase my handphone via phone instead of going online.

    Thanks for the nugget of information on the mobile broadband infrastructure. Till this moment in time I have had no need for mobile internet, hence I didn’t get the M1 one. Starhub’s mobile internet looks promising too.

    @Pubed: Hmm I don’t think a lot of customers jump ship. In fact in terms of mobile service, I don’t know about Singtel, but M1 beats Starhub hands down. I was with Starhub for 4 years actually, and the reception was always a problem. Not to mention that they had this lousy plan in which the 100 mins free is only for outgoing calls, and they only have 12 hour free incoming. Hence all other calls in the other 12 hour was charged extra. I only realized that when my bill came. 😦

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