The Incredible Hulk Movie Review

The Incredible Hulk

I watched the movie The Incredible Hulk with Jia Hao on Monday at Marina Square. Thanks to Golden Village’s members birthday month movie treat, I got a buy 1 get 1 free ticket voucher. Hence the both of us only paid “half price” for entry.

I must say I was never a fan of The Incredible Hulk. I never watched any cartoons or comics of it, and neither have I watched the 2003 version which seemed to be pretty dismal in performance. So I watched The Incredible Hulk from a non-fan point of view, and frankly speaking, it’s not that bad at all.

The story was told in a good manner that a non-fan such as me can understand what is going on. However there are minor faults that leave me wondering what happened. For example, the Doctor that eventually “treated” Hulk unsuccessfully was slammed by the Hulk-nemy. (Hulk’s enemy lol) He got some Hulk’s blood that drip on his forehead and his skull seems to mutate and swell. But that’s the end of it. No explanation, nothing. Or perhaps I couldn’t catch the explanation, if any. So what happened to the guy? Another monster in another sequel? No idea.

At the end of it all it showed that Hulk didn’t transform for a very long period, and he was just sitting there and suddenly his eyes turn green and the number of day count got reset to 0. What was that? Upon checking Wikipedia, it actually means the Hulk is now able to transform at will.

There seems to be a future sequel though. I somehow predict an Ironman Hulk combo since Tony Stark came out to say they are forming a team. It could be potential merger of the two superheroes. But it may not be also. Not too sure, but there seems to be potential for sequel, whether its Hulk alone or not.

Overall it is a pretty interesting experience, and Liv Tyler is very beautiful as usual. And Hulk cannot have sex because he get’s too excited and will turn into The Hulk. It must be quite gross to turn into the Hulk midway during the deed huh?

I entered the movie theatre at 4.20 and it ended by 6.20 or so. Taking away the advertisements of about 15 minutes, that means the duration of the movie is about 1 hr 45 minutes? I must say I was never bored. One thing weird though, this is the first time I laughed at the “switch off your handphone” ad. It contains a cold pun by Jack Neo though. And the advertisement of Shaolin girl shows the female lead in Galileo (JDrama) doing some fighting. Can’t really link her first image to the second. Lol.

Back to the point, other than minor faults listed above, I guess the movie is ok. Oh I remember something. They never really said what happened to the Abomination. Did they kill it? Or do some experiment? Not too sure. If you enjoyed it or hated the movie, leave a comment?

4 thoughts on “The Incredible Hulk Movie Review

  1. Hi, thanks for leaving this comment.

    I feel lucky to have watched this version instead of the other then. Haha.

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