Korean Movie: 2 Faces of My Girlfriend

2 Faces of my Girlfriend

Gu-chang is a lonely man. He’s never been kissed, nor has he been in a relationship. Finally he meets this really pretty young lady when he found her wallet by chance (and stole $3). A relationship blossoms. Anni, likes rice cakes and pukes on a Viking ship. The two of them hit it off well and it does seem like there’s a great chance of a relationship. Or is it?

Anni has a second personality. Kind of like a personality disorder. From a past love gone bad, Hanni emerges, who’s the protector of Anni. They are the same person and Hanni always pops up all of a sudden and becomes extremely violent. Sounds like old Korean movies like My Sassy Girl? It is, but the captivate my attention part is seriously lacking.

I wouldn’t ask anyone to watch this movie. In a way it bored me. I find that the story isn’t that nice, and sometimes it’s a little draggy. Perhaps its one violent girlfriend too many?

Anyway, Anni and Gu-Chang goes through thick and thin together. Gu-Chang is obviously in love with Anni, and Anni knows Gu-Chang is nice to her, and is appreciative. Eventually even Hanni the protector softens towards Gu-Chang and will willingly let Anni reemerge.

However, the twist is at the back. Yuri is the real identity of the girl. When Yuri and her former boyfriend went to Antartica, her boyfriend saved her from a blizzard by giving her his winter jacket. He died and she survived. With this heartbreaking relationship, she developed personality problems and Anni and Hanni emerged.

Eventually Yuri went to collect her ex boyfriend’s body when it’s flown back from Antartica. (I don’t understand why the time lag, maybe I slept at some parts) Yuri manages to get over it and her psychologists hypnotised her and caused Anni/Hanni to die. Yuri recovers, but does not recognize Gu-Chang.

Now, at the start of the movie, Gu-Chang lost his handphone to a person auditioning as a ghost. Gu-Chang thought he really saw a ghost, but the ghost is actually Yuri. They meet and get together all over again.

The End.

Kind of a boring plot, I would say. But you can watch for the eye candy. The lead actress acted in My Lovely Samsoon and My Boyfriend is Type B before. I won’t recommend anyone to watch it though.

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