Day Out with my NS buddy

I went out with my NS buddy yesterday. It has become a standard thing that he will be late for 30 minutes. So we have this common understanding that whatever time he says, I will come 30 minutes later. We arranged to meet at 1130 and I reached at 1150, near 1200, so the waiting time is pretty less. I guess it’s sucky but sometime’s it’s because the bugger works in Zouk and has a harder time waking up.

First stop, we went to Bunka Language School to sign up for Japanese Language lessons. Yes, the both of us are going to hurl our lazy asses to Orchard area every Sunday at 5.15 to 8.15pm for a 3 hour intensive Japanese Language lesson, starting 20th July. We paid 265 for 8 lessons, partly because of the irritating GST which amounted to about 20, and the 20 one time registration fee to enroll in the school. So the both of us are going to try to talk to each other in simple Japanese words and sentences when we see each other in school, so if you are around me at that time and discover that I don’t make much sense, it’s either you don’t understand Japanese, or I just screwed it up. We have already decided to practice and say stupid things like “The weather is fine today” and which I will reply “So desu”.

We then headed over for lunch, and went to the Food Republic at Wisma Atrium. Yap Heng had an unhappy lunch because his curry chicken sucked, according to him, plus he got “cheated” because the bread turned out to be “mantou” instead of the bread shown in the photo. I ate chicken rice and it’s pretty expensive at $5. One egg for $0.80 and the egg is smaller than other chicken rice stalls. Plus where is the sauce for the egg? Remind me not to indulge myself in Food Republic anymore when my money cashflow has problems. (Hey I just spent like $265 on a course?)

Next up, we went to find the Bits And Pieces store that I vaguely remembered to be at the basement of Wisma, but it isn’t there anymore apparently, so we just headed over to Cineleisure to walk around. There’s actually a Bits And Pieces store in Cine. Hence we went to check out some stuff.

The rain continued pouring, and we didn’t want to walk, hence he suggested watching a movie, and we went to watch Kung Fu Panda for $6 each. I must say that the movie’s really short, but I’ll come up with a review for it tomorrow or something, just wait for it.

After the movie, the rain also stopped and we went over to Heeren and into the Crumpler store. We met this familiar guy who aided us when I bought my Crumpler just last week at Paragon. Turned out he’s in charge of most of the Crumpler stores in Singapore, and he’s really young. Yap Heng bought the same Crumpler bag as me, design + colour. Going to be gay buddies in school. Was wondering if anyone would laugh and point. If there are, thankfully they are polite enough not to say it out loud. But it’s probably funny actually, I would laugh too. It’s a sign of friendship I guess.

I went to HMV to buy a new set of earphones. Got a Sony one at 17 dollars. My old earphone is irritating me because the volume control slide button is spoilt. There is only a precise point in which I can hear the voice. At other points, I can only hear the background music. Hence it’s irritating to keep trying to find the point when you accidentally shifted the slide. Thus I just got a new earphone and saved myself the trouble.

After that we just walked to Plaza Singapura to find a particular something (which I do not know what it is). Then walked to Suntec (far I know, but what are Guardsmen for), and to this shop that’s very inside (what broken english) and it’s a cosplay shop. There’s many figurines inside and I found a Rukia-chan figurine. Yap Heng told me to get it, but erm there are budget constraints and I didn’t want to become an Otaku. Haha. Maybe I should have got it, and become Densha Otoko. (Sekali become Guitar Otoko..worst..erm if you never watch the JDrama, you won’t understand this..sorry).

We then continued looking and found the Kon in Shinigami robes soft toy. (From Bleach one). Super kawaii but cannot find the green pill inside his body else I’ll be flying about now. Yap Heng asked for the Rukia-chan version, but was told that Rukia-chan is only available for small sizes only. The rukia-chan we saw is small, and why the hell does she zaogeng? Heck she destroys the up in upskirt. Anyway Rukia-chan is my favourite female Bleach character.

Anyway we found some cosplay costumes, and I told Yap Heng to get the 10th Captain robes. Then I can get the 6th Captain robe and we can cosplay. We first found the evil robes in Bleach, the one that the orange haired girl (cnt spell the name) is forced to wear when she got kidnapped. Then we found a Captain Robe and when I went to check the number, it’s 6. Haha. So qiao. It costs $60++ to purchase though. Too expensive liao. I don’t mind someone making me a souvenir with the logo for Bleach leh. Erm 6th Captain is Kuchiki Byakuya, my favourite male Bleach Character. Rukia’s full name is Kuchiki Rukia, so yes they are siblings, but not real siblings because Byakuya’s dead wife is Rukia’s older sister, and when the wife died, she made Byakuya promise to find Rukia and take care of her, hence Rukia got adopted. Haha.

Actually right, wouldn’t it be nice to have a photoshoot for Bleach? Sadly I don’t have long hair to do Byakuya. Yap Heng doesn’t have white hair for Toshiro either. And I don’t have budget. Plus there are not enough Bleach watchers in my friend’s list. Probably only Jiahao watch Bleach, and I don’t think he wants to cosplay sou-taicho. So it’s just going to be a dream. Haha. Perhaps, in my last moments in the far future, I shall do it in the spur of the moment, but by that time, Bleach is so outdated. Haha.

After that then just went home liao lo. Pretty enjoyable trip, at least got something nice to do, and nice Jap to look forward to. Oh I asked Yap Heng to cosplay Ichigo instead, then we can act out the Ichigo vs Byakuya fight after we learnt Jap. -_-” Ah.. Watashiwa baka desuka? Honto ni baka desu.

4 thoughts on “Day Out with my NS buddy

  1. Hi, i am going into NUS this year. I was just wondering why didn’t you take japanese 1 as a breadth module instead? Is it because taking that would be detrimental to your score?

  2. Hi Pyroro, thanks for commenting.

    The reason why I did not take Japanese as a breadth module is because I’m pursuing a minor. I don’t have any breadth slots for Jap actually. In fact I got to overload modules to clear the minor.

    On the other hand, Japanese 1 is not easy to get because as I heard, there are high bid points for the module. Hence I don’t wish to waste points bidding for it. Plus studying a language and having to care for your CAP takes the fun of learning Jap. Haha.

  3. hi thanks for the reply
    but considering the amount of effort and time it takes to even master the basics of japanese, wouldn’t it be more advisable to learn the language on university time? Taking it at a private institution means that I will have have to put it aside for other commitments such as mugging for exams etc.

  4. Hmm.. You are interested in taking Jap at NUS? Well I guess it depends on the individual. I guess it is good to take it as a module so you have time to study for exams too.

    Personally, I just feel that the Jap courses outside should not be too difficult to take up. The one I took up is probably 8 weeks and I start before the semester starts.

    To be honest, one of the reasons why I’m not taking it (other than having no slots and bid points) is that I don’t want to make Jap feel like a module. I’m taking Jap as an interest, and if I have to mug for it just to maintain my CAP I think that would be rather sad. Anyway I will have finished my first set of classes before the mid term, and I can concentrate on my own modules in school! (So never clash and won’t clash with mugging for exams)

    So you have to decide where you want to take it, there are pros and cons in both ways. I am not too sure how much workload you will need in a private institution vs in NUS. 🙂

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