Sponsored Review: “Why Not?” Contest *Prizes to be won*

Ace, Spring's Why Not Poster

I’ve always dreamed of starting my own business, or at least something small whilst in University. I keep seeing success stories of how some undergraduates got together, started something up, and earned their pocket money. To me, how much I can earn is not a problem. I want to be able to do something, and at least earn a bit of pocket money. However, I have to admit that I wasn’t very successful.

If you ask me, I probably have a million reasons why I wasn’t successful. Have you ever found yourself wishing to be an entrepreneur but for some reason or another, you have had obstacles and problems lying in front of you from time to time? I guess I could say I was lazy, and I lack help. Starting up NextTutor is easy, all I need is to learn how to do PHP programming, but maintaining it and having activity is difficult. If you are aiming on a larger scale, say selling clothings online, or providing a service to a thousand people, you are probably going to meet up with some problems.

If you have already thought up on the problems that you are going to face being an entrepreneur, take another step now and think, if you have the authority, what would you do to help yourself become an entrepreneur? Would you get the government to create a fund for aspiring entrepreneurs? Or make it easy to be mentored by existing entrepreneurs?

Now if you have at least an idea of what you can do to aid yourself, then you are on the way to winning S$1000! This is because ACE is organizing this contest titled “Why Not?”.

The idea is this: Everyone, and I really mean everyone can participate in this contest if you have new ideas on how to:

  1. increase Singapore’s attractiveness as a place for business
  2. nurture entrepreneurs of tomorrow
  3. encourage innovative and competitive businesses

Any one of the three will do. Just choose one of the three questions and give your opinion and idea, and you can stand to win a sum of money. In fact, having some cash would make it easier to do many things. For example, if I have the money, I would at least be able to print more fliers and pay people to distribute them to gain awareness of my own website! Hence, why not give your idea now?

The prizes are as follows:

1st Prize: S$1,000 Cash
2nd Prize: S$500 Cash
3rd Prize: S$300 Cash

5 Consolation Prizes: S$100 Cash each

So how are they judging on your idea? What do you need to fulfil so that you can WIN? Your idea must be innovative, and it takes up 50% of the score. Do not say things like “Give more money”, because anyone can do that. Your idea must be feasible, and this takes up 25% of the score. If you say things like “Get the minister mentor to personally mentor every aspiring entrepreneur in Singapore”, you are probably going to fail, and badly too. The last criteria is that, if your proposal is implemented, whether the impact of the change will be good enough. That’s 25% too. Now if you are going to say that slapping young children to make them realize the benefits of entrepreneurship, I am going to slap you. Whilst the impact is great (pun intended. Impact of your hand on their faces), this is not the kind of impact they would want.

After reading all these, are you up for the challenge? Can you think of the unique idea that is going to win S$1000? Well if you win the money, and you applied because you read this here, do give me a comment, I’ll be happy for you and I will expect some commission ok?.

I will also try my hand at winning some money. After all, even winning the consolation prize is good money. (Can pay for my web-hosting! :P)

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