You may be the best stuntman alone, but a clumsy one to others

Baby Blues Comic
Taken from (June 15th Comic)

Don’t you think that is rather true? Click on the image to see the whole comic. The image is too large to fit in the blog properly. I mean, you can be a great stuntman when you are alone with yourself, but people won’t recognize you for it because no one ever seen it. But if you are down on your luck, a certain unlucky event can give people the wrong impression of you. In this case, people will think you are clumsy.

Sometimes all it takes is for something bad to tarnish your reputation. A clean politician embroiled in a scandal that was created to cause a bad image of him will ruin his reputation and career forever. No matter what you have done before that, people will always remember the bad things that happened. Take for example Edison Chen. I don’t even listen to his songs or watch his movies, but he’s the idiot who took the sex photos. There you go. Bad names stick.

But the main point really is, nobody knows how we feel deep down. We may have the purest of intentions, but things may go wrong. This is always the case. You feel like doing good for something, but a certain misunderstanding causes you to seem like you’re doing bad. Or you may be stressed out and momentarily confused, and something you accidentally do, may cause people to have a bad impression of you forever.

But should it be the case? Should we judge people like that, based on one event? Or should we only have the right to judge a person only if we know him fairly well and understand his character? For all you know, that particular guy down the road didn’t mean to accidentally spill his drink on your favourite shirt. Before you condemn him to the lowest of levels, perhaps, we should be more forgiving of certain faults?

We are truest when we are alone, and we understand ourselves better. We know our intentions, but other’s don’t. All we can do is to hope people don’t judge you for one event but what you did for a whole lifetime. All we can do is to make sure we don’t judge people for one event but what they did for a lifetime. That, is perhaps the beginning of a better world.

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