Technology is wonderful

I’ve always wondered why I chose to study Electrical Engineering in NUS. Why Engineering? Why not Medicine? Or Law? Or Arts and Social Sciences? Or Mathematics, since I’m supposed to be better at it than my sciences? Well I know for sure that my lousy grades cannot get me into medicine or law, but if I had superb grades, would I have chosen them? I guess not.

Then I guess, it has to be a little of a preference for Engineering, albeit subconsciously. I mean, when I was in my first year, I had totally no idea why I was in Engineering, but I guess now I am happy to be in Engineering, and even in Electrical Engineering, which the newspapers claim to be one of the more unpopular ones last year (my batch) since lesser people applied for EE.

But I think Engineering’s great. For me, I have no passion in wanting to stitch people up, to save lives, nor do I have the zest to defend a client in court. The other faculties, well, I have no idea what I will become if I enrolled there, so the passion is definitely zero.

I think I love technology. Although the fact is that technology rendered my 130++ discs of blank cd-r useless (since people use a thumb drive instead now), improvements to technology is a wonderful thing, because it improves the lives of people. In the past there wasn’t air con, but there is now and air con is helping many people sleep today in Singapore when the weather gets freaking hot and humid.

Computer’s are also getting smaller and better. I forgot whose law states something like this: Technology doubles itself within 18 months. Supposedly refering to computer parts improving (like 256mb of ram to 512) every 18 months. Our handphones are getting smarter too. My Nokia phone (I know this is stale news) is flexible such that I can install applications on it. Now, I can even connect to my home or school’s wireless network and surf the net when I’m alone.

I’m sure there are many phone function you can tell me. Things like Mp3 (will this bring about Creative’s gradual loss of sales?) players being incorporated into phones, and even cameras. Technology is improving and is helping the lives of many people.

I want to be there doing something. Creating a new technology that helps people improve their lives. Perhaps it’s not as great an improvement as saving someone’s life, or getting their ass hurled out of jail, but any slight improvement, even the enjoyment of listening to Mp3, a luxury, is something I want to do.

These few days I have also thought of what I would like to learn in my few years of university. I am not sure which modules to study to learn this, but I will find out. I want to learn to control my electronic circuits using computers, and the electronic circuit can control something else.

Today I watched a re-run of “我是创新王” and the Ngee Ann Poly students did this electronic device that stops a baby’s pram from going downslope when the mother’s hands are not on the pram. I think this is great, but I want to go one step further. I know there are smart refrigerators now, where you have this computer screen in front of the fridge, and it can even tell you which foods are expiring, or low in quantity. I think that’s great, and when it becomes cheaper it can help everyone in their lives.

That’s my direction. One day, I hope to be able to talk to everyone about the latest gadgets that I’m helping to make, and hopefully, that day will come.

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